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Ginning Safety Can’t Be Emphasized Enough

Why the big focus on safety? It's no secret that your associations are the smallest of small businesses, but the role of your associations has become a big part of what you know about ginning cotton. Cotton ginners associations started like most other associations – a way to organize and learn from each other. Read More »

Energy Issues Are Crucial For Ginning Industry

Electricity is one of the top three variable costs for a cotton gin, right next to bagging and ties, and labor. There are two main aspects to the electricity costs paid by a given cotton gin. The first is the energy price, and the second is the quantity of energy used by a cotton gin. Energy efficiency of cotton gins ... Read More »

Ginning Careers: TCGA Intern Program Helps Ag Students Find Jobs

The TCGA internship program looks to create opportunities for program participants, and we need your help. In many ways, the internship program created by TCGA has gone according to plan. The idea for the program was generated through our safety committee back in 2008. Through the program, we have marketed our industry to many highly capable students at Texas A&M University Read More »

Ginning Technology Expands in Texas

BY TOMMY HORTON EDITOR When visitors attend the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association Trade Show on April 3-4 in Lubbock, they’ll see firsthand how far technology has taken the ginning industry. As they walk around the exhibit hall at the Civic Center, they can observe numerous examples of technology development. Suffice it to say, this isn’t your grandfather’s industry anymore. It ... Read More »

Mid-South Farm/Gin Show Tradition Continue

BY TOMMY HORTON EDITOR If it’s February, it can only mean one thing. Winter is almost over, and spring can’t be too far away. It also means that the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show is right around the corner. Those are the thoughts that attendees usually have each year when they visit this agricultural tradition in Memphis, Tenn. On Feb. ... Read More »

Routine Maintenance Can Prevent Many Problems

It’s no surprise that gin equipment is expensive. And being operated three to four months per year means there are eight or more months to repair the gin. Most gins do a great job of tearing down machinery and working on or rebuilding those things that fail regularly or are close to failure. There is one piece of equipment that ... Read More »

Western Gins Like Benefits Of Solar Energy

BY BRENT MURPHREE MARICOPA, ARIZ. Large-scale solar energy use on Western cotton farms has been slow on the uptake. However, cotton ginners in the West have begun looking at solar energy options to help cut electrical costs during ginning season. Nationwide, energy providers are under mandates to increase energy sources that are an alternative to fossil fuels. Incentives for energy-producing ... Read More »