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End of Year Reports Filtering In

ARKANSAS The National Agricultural Statistics Service November Crop Production report lowered our yield estimate for Arkansas cotton to 1,124 pounds of lint per acre down from last month’s estimate of 1,218 pounds of lint per acre. The November estimate is just short of last year’s record yield of 1,145 pounds of lint per acre, from 330,000 harvested acres. We have ... Read More »

Surprisingly Good Harvest Overall

ARKANSAS The National Agricultural Statistics Service October Crop Production report kept the yield estimate for Arkansas cotton at 1,218 lbs lint/A. Last month, I felt this estimate was too high for a number of reasons. However, as our harvest is nearing completion, it is becoming obvious that a little BBQ sauce may be needed for my crow. We have experienced ... Read More »

More Women Choose Farming

A brief glance at the face of cotton production would indicate that there are a lot of older men growing the crop. But, a deeper look reveals that a new and diverse generation of cotton producers is helping to move cotton forward, even in light of obstacles producers may face. According to the 2012 USDA Census of Agriculture, 14 percent ... Read More »

At long last… it’s time to harvest

OKLAHOMA Although late, the Oklahoma cotton crop has made good progress in the past several weeks. A significant amount of irrigated cotton was on time with respect to cutout during the last half of August. Even though the crop pretty much reached cutout on time, the loss of about two weeks of blooming due to late planting will likely impact ... Read More »

Harvesting The Crop

Missouri’s Rone Family Strives For Efficiency By Tommy Horton Defoliating and harvesting a cotton crop is like painting a picture. Unless everything is mixed together perfectly, the finished product won’t be that good. Some have even suggested that the entire exercise (defoliation and harvesting) is an art form, and it’s all about timing. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but that is ... Read More »

Effective Defoliation Will Protect Bolls

During harvest, like the rest of the Cotton Belt, Western cotton producers want the most efficient way to drop leaves without affecting the yield or quality of their cotton. Several conditions have led farmers to move from traditional desiccant applications to more efficient products without the potential for boll damage. The purpose of defoliation is to stimulate leaf drop, boll ... Read More »