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Aldicarb Returns To Cotton Fields

Six years after production was discontinued in the United States, aldicarb is making a comeback. Production of the farm chemical aldicarb, formerly sold under the trade name Temik, was discontinued in 2010 and has gradually disappeared from the market. A new product, AgLogic 15G Aldicarb Pesticide, is making an initial run in Georgia this season. It is expected to be released in other cotton-producing states in 2017 and 2018. Jeremy Greene, entomologist at the Clemson Edisto Research and Educational Center, says the U.S. cotton crop has suffered with declining availability of aldicarb. Temik was a valued part of many growers’ integrated pest management programs for control of early season insect pests and nematodes. There is little to no Temik 15G available for purchase today. “Control of thrips and nematodes has been challenging since the availability of aldicarb, or Temik 15G, has diminished,” Greene says. “Temik 15G was on the market for about 40 years and was used on a significant number of cotton acres for control of thrips and nematodes. Aldicarb was very effective.” Since Temik essentially was taken off the market when the registrant stopped production, cotton growers have been using neonicotinoid seed treatments. Read More »

Water Conservation and Profitability Award

Download the Application (pdf) Jamey Duesterhaus Exceeds SDI ‘Rule Of Thumb’ In the world of subsurface drip irrigation, the “rule of thumb,” on average, is that a cotton farmer can make 4 bales of lint per acre with 4 GPM per acre irrigation capacity. In 2015 — a year where it seemed impossible to achieve high yields — Jamey Duesterhaus exceeded ... Read More »

At-Plant Insecticide For Thrips Helps Prevent Yield Loss

Thrips Damage on Cotton Plant

By Clint Thompson To combat the threat of thrips infestations in cotton, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension cotton entomologist Phillip Roberts encourages Georgia farmers to be proactive with at-plant insecticide applications. Doing so will provide vital protection to cotton plants during the first two weeks of growth, the most critical stage for thrips protection and seedling development. Failure to apply ... Read More »

‘California Cotton Is Not Going Away’

By Jodi Raley California cotton producers, ginners, pest control advisers and cotton industry organizations gathered in the halls of the Visalia Convention Center for the California Cotton Growers Association’s 26th Annual Meeting. With 2015 California cotton acreage hitting a historical low, the industry is welcoming an estimated increase of up to 20 percent. Cotton Incorporated and Brooks Brothers, also in ... Read More »

April 2016 Industry News

Aldicarb Available For Use In Georgia In 2016 Farmers will soon be able to purchase AgLogic 15G Aldicarb Pesticide, which is essentially the same as Temik in formulation and performance. Ag Logic Chemical LLC, the registrant of AgLogic 15G Aldicarb Pesticide, is currently manufacturing the product with limited supplies. AgLogic 15G will only be available for use in the state of ... Read More »

Showtime Farms

Larron Copeland

Cotton and quail reflect the Southern traditions of this southwest Georgia operation By Carroll Smith, Editor When he was 18 years old, Larron Copeland purchased 30 acres from his father and began shaping what is now known as Showtime Farms in southwest Georgia. Today, he raises about 5,000 acres of cotton, corn, peanuts and soybeans with his wife, Laura, and ... Read More »