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Insect Control

Spray App Helps Monitor Insect Pests

The Bootheel of Southeast Missouri is home to about 98 percent of the state’s cotton acreage. Cotton, as a high-value commercial crop, has seen a significant increase in pesticide use over the past five years. With this increased use, more attention is being paid to those insecticides that are not only most appropriate for pest control in individual fields but also affect the pest, crop and surrounding environment. Insecticide choices must be concerned with efficacy, selectivity and secondary pests. In addition, frequently used insecticides must be continually monitored for pest susceptibility (i.e. evolving resistance).In the case of pesticide sprays, the monitoring of pest incidence and intensity is nothing new. What are new are the technology tools that make pest observations more than just numbers. Read More »

Manage Plant Bugs to Score Higher Yields

Larry Walton Field Scientist, Dow AgroSciences Tupelo, Miss. Growers focused on maximizing cotton yield in the Mid-South must be prepared to manage plant bugs. For a successful ending to any season, Larry Walton says growers must plant on time, scout constantly and carefully plan insecticide treatments. Now in his 34th cotton season, Walton knows that no one can predict how ... Read More »

Texas Continues to Battle Fleahopper

Right now our cotton on the Coastal Bend is in the squaring stage of development. At this point, the primary pest that we worry about the most is the cotton fleahopper. This is a traditional pest that you'll find in the eastern and southern part of the state – and certainly more so than in the High Plains. Read More »

Persistent Plant Bugs Won’t Go Away

Every cotton insect pest has its own calling card. But when it comes to unpredictability and consistent threat potential, the plant bug is in a class by itself. Maybe that’s why it continues to be a nemesis for cotton production. The numbers tell the story, according to Mississipi Extension entomologist Mike Williams’ 2013 Cotton Insect Loss Estimates report. Here was ... Read More »

Insect Research Remains Strong

Insect pressure trends throughout the Cotton Belt are fluid and ever changing. Even with cotton acreage in a general decline in California and Arizona, producers and researchers have maintained a strong focus on controlling insect pests. Cooperative efforts between USDA/- ARS labs and land grant universities, as well as state cotton organizations and private funding, have provided a reasonable resource ... Read More »

Seed Treatments – An Important Investment

Seed treatments are an important investment for cotton farmers to make each year. Most will say that it’s mindboggling to think about the front-end costs made in a crop before it ever comes out of the ground. But those same producers will agree that technology comes with a price tag, and it’s essential in today’s production environment. Whether it’s preventing ... Read More »