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Special Report

‘Better Bet Than Tomatoes’

California Farmers Discuss Reasons For Switching To Cotton. • By Lisa Lieberman •  As Central Valley producers face ongoing low water allocations and stagnant processing tomato prices, farmers say they are considering allocating fewer acres to tomatoes and devoting more land to Pima cotton. Pima cotton — the primary variety grown in the Central Valley — requires less water, has lower ... Read More »

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

By Ross Rutherford Lubbock, Texas Okay, I’ll say it. I love tradition and nostalgia. Always have and always will. Looking back on things through the prism of nostalgic spectacles (some call them “rose-colored glasses”) brings a certain comfort in today’s ultra-fast-paced world. I grew up on a small, family dairy farm in the south Texas town of Jourdanton, once called ... Read More »

BWCC – Busy Agenda

Regardless of where a consultant might scout his acreage, he will find some timely information at the 2014 Beltwide Cotton Conferences (BWCC) in New Orleans, Jan. 6-8. One of the main attractions will be the Consultants Conference scheduled on the first two days at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel. Conference coordinator Bill Robertson says the program was put together to ... Read More »

Mid-South Embraces Furrow Irrigation

By Carroll Smith Senior Writer Furrow irrigation, which has become more and more popular in the Mid-South, used to involve just rolling out pipe, punching some holes and turning on the well. Today, technology allows farmers to furrow irrigate more efficiently, reducing water, fuel and time. Mississippi State University (MSU) Extension irrigation specialist Jason Krutz recommends three tools that fit ... Read More »

Japanese Retailers Like U.S. Cotton

By Tommy Horton Editor When an overseas retail representative sees U.S. cotton in the field for the first time, an important message is reinforced. In essence, it becomes a mutually beneficial situation for all parties. That is precisely what happened last month when a group of Japanese retailers and fiber sourcing companies made a week-long tour of the U.S. Cotton ... Read More »

Calif. Voters Defeat Food Label Initiative

The largest organization representing California family farmers and ranchers thanked voters for rejecting a ballot initiative that would have required foods containing genetically engineered ingredients to carry a special, California-only label. The California Farm Bureau Federation opposed Proposition 37, which voters defeated in the statewide election. “We’re pleased that voters saw the many flaws in Proposition 37 and rejected it,” ... Read More »