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What’s the Future for Roller Ginning?

By Brent Murphree Roller ginning upland cotton has been a topic of discussion for several years in the Western cotton gin community. This season, as profit margins on short-staple cotton get even tighter, the discussion is gaining increased traction as producers consider options for their operation. Roller ginning uses a rotary knife to separate the seed from the lint and ... Read More »

Aflatoxin Can Affect Cotton Profitability

The deflating effects of aflatoxin on cottonseed prices in the West continue to affect producers along the Colorado River and Central Arizona. Hundred-dollar spreads between clean and unclean seed are not uncommon in a region where seed prices consistently rise above those in the rest of the Cotton Belt. These days, even though cottonseed plays a larger role in the economic mix of the cotton crop, aflatoxin seemingly draws less attention with producers than it does with those who market the cottonseed for them. Read More »

New Apps Help Western Farmers

Cotton producers are increasingly taking advantage of smartphone technology to improve the effectiveness of their operations. In the Western Cotton Belt, a number of smartphone applications or apps, specific to that region, are taking office work into the field. Given the unique nature of the arid West, cropping tools used in other parts of the Cotton Belt have little use ... Read More »

Insect Research Remains Strong

Insect pressure trends throughout the Cotton Belt are fluid and ever changing. Even with cotton acreage in a general decline in California and Arizona, producers and researchers have maintained a strong focus on controlling insect pests. Cooperative efforts between USDA/- ARS labs and land grant universities, as well as state cotton organizations and private funding, have provided a reasonable resource ... Read More »

Is Organic Cotton A Viable Option?

As the marketplace continues to demand organic options in purchasing choices, thoughtful discussion regarding organic cotton production continues to circulate in the Western Cotton Belt. Making the option work for an operation takes dedication to prepare for the transition to organic. Read More »

Early Management Can Control Insects

Early season insect pressure in the Western Cotton Belt is as diverse as the many diverse cropping environments that occur there. However, producers, researchers and crop consultants in those areas of California, Arizona and New Mexico agree that early and continuous assessments of insect pressure are key to keeping the cotton crop healthy and pest-free. Read More »