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What Customers Want

Quality Is Key In Cotton Textile Value Chain

By Christian Schindler Director-General ITMF Proactive Attitude The International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1904, is an international advocate for the world’s textile and allied industries, and is dedicated to providing its membership with a neutral platform for the exchange of information and experiences. In this function, it also acts as a spokesman for ... Read More »

Quality Must Be A Priority For Producers

By Doug Wilde Producer San Angelo, Texas Commitment To Cotton Since the early years of my life, all I have known is cotton. It started out when I rode on the tractor with my father, hauling cotton trailers to the gin with my grandfather, and now I have followed in their footsteps to make raising cotton my life. The changes ... Read More »

Mills Expect Better Quality For Cotton

By Bill Dwyer Senior Manager – Advisory FC Stone Australia Higher Expectations During the last decade, the cotton requirements of spinning mills have undergone a quantum leap. With a far greater understanding of the components of cotton quality today than 10 years ago, the expectations placed upon the supply chain are far greater than ever before. With faster and more ... Read More »

Mills Remain Consistently Loyal To Best Quality

By Bob Antoshak Managing Director Olah, Incorporated FiberMax Exports – A Driving Force There’s been a lot of hand wringing lately over falling prices for cotton. Most often, industry analysts say that lower prices are due to weaker demand from textile mills, growing global stocks, a resurgence of synthetic fibers – or a combination of all three. While it’s true ... Read More »

High Plains Improves Quality For Market Demand

By Steve Verett Executive Vice President Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.   Quality’s Foundation Quality is at the forefront of everything we strive for in the cotton industry here on the High Plains of Texas. Over the past decade, we’ve made tremendous strides in improving our product, and we’re proud that today textile mills around the world find our cotton to ... Read More »