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Specialists Speaking

Do Your Homework Before Season Begins

ALABAMA The northern half of Alabama had another good cotton-growing season with yields above two bales per acre on many farms. Overall, yields the last three to four years have been the best and most consistent I have seen during my 30-plus year career. Timely late season rains have played a big factor, but I think cotton variety selection has ... Read More »

Season Ends on a Positive Note

  ARKANSAS The latest USDA yield report estimates Arkansas’ crop at 1,137 pounds of lint per acre. This set a record, surpassing our previous record of 1,133 pounds of lint per acre set last year. As this report is being prepared, we should be 90 percent-plus harvested. Significant changes to yield estimates at this point in the season are rare. ... Read More »

Race Continues To Finish Up Harvest

Novemeber 2014 Cover of Cotton Farming Magazine

ALABAMA The northern Alabama cotton crop in late September and early October was one of the best looking cotton crops that I have seen in some time. Cotton pickers were hardly leaving any cotton in the fields. Two weeks of rain and wind has greatly changed the looks of this crop. Some cotton is on the ground, and much is ... Read More »

After a Long Season, It’s Time To Harvest

ALABAMA Cooler fall weather means cotton defoliation is on the mind of many farmers in northern Alabama. Most cotton fields are maturing rapidly, due in large part to limited late season rains. After fighting more weeds and insects than we have seen in several years, most cotton fields still have a good yield potential. Many farmers are still harvesting corn ... Read More »

Rolling Toward The Finish Line

FLORIDA David Wright Even though we can set fruit through early September, most cotton fields have the crop set that will be harvested, and many will be defoliating in late September or early October. Cotton generally had a late start but has caught up and has good yield potential in most fields. Most of our cotton is past the point ... Read More »

Late Crop Needs to Play Catchup

Cotton has made up a lot of ground during the last couple of weeks in northern Alabama. Several fields had blooms the first week of July, and younger cotton fields are growing rapidly. I am seeing more sulfur deficiency symptoms on cotton this year than in years past. This may be due to the heavy rainfall in some areas and poor cotton rooting early in the season. We definitely need to pay more attention to sulfur fertilization on cotton in Alabama. Late emerging glyphosate-resistant horseweed is also a problem in several cotton fields I visited last week. These fields had pre-plant and pre-emergence herbicides applied, but new horseweed plants are continuing to emerge. Many of these farms will be using hooded sprayers to control these troublesome weeds. Read More »

Long Season Nears Crucial Midpoint

FLORIDA: David Wright It is very important to protect bolls that are being set in July as 90 percent of the yield is often set during this month. Plant bugs and stink bugs have become more of a problem with corn being grown in the rotation. Most of the stink bugs will come out of corn as it starts drying ... Read More »