• Doubling Down On Georgia

    Doubling Down On Georgia

    Cotton Scrubs Project Benefits Farmers, Rural Communities And U.S. Textile Manufacturing It’s October. A nurse who works at a rural hospital in a South Georgia community looks at the clock as it ticks steadily toward ... Read More »
  • Who Is Going To Show Up?

    Who Is Going To Show Up?

    Sports is a competitive environment. Before a big game, the TV announcers typically spend at least an hour or so on air speculating which team will win. Somewhere in the dialogue, they’ve been known to ... Read More »
  • Finding A Solution

    Finding A Solution

    Cotton Council International, the National Cotton Council’s export promotion arm, continues to vigorously advance U.S. cotton as the “The Cotton The World Trusts.” ■ What is CCI’s overall mission? Operating in more than 50 countries ... Read More »
  • Prices good, drought bad for Texas cotton

    Prices good, drought bad for Texas cotton

    Texas cotton producers could have a tough year due to drought, but good prices are likely to soften the blow, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert. Drought and good prices will influence ... Read More »