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Cotton Farming is the official publication of the ginning industry.

  • 2018 Seed Variety Guide

    2018 Seed Variety Guide

    Yield, Quality And Traits The menu of cotton varieties from which to choose in 2018 includes a host of high-yielding, good quality selections. To help you get started, seed companies from across the Cotton Belt provided information about their headliners on pages 10, 11, 12, 13 and 16 in the annual Seed Variety Guide published by Cotton Farming. Discuss priorities with your consultant and seed representative to match your operation’s needs with these outstanding characteristics and traits. And then place your order for the upcoming 2018 season with confidence. Read More »
  • Succession Planning

    Succession Planning

    An Experienced Attorney With Knowledge Of Agricultural Scenarios Can Help The Transition Process Go Smoothly By Terry Greenberg “Succession means many things and may include transitioning ownership of property after the owner’s death or during the farmer’s lifetime, should the owner decide to quit farming,” says John Shanklin, of the McCleskey Law Firm in Lubbock, Texas, which is surrounded by the massive West Texas cotton patch. And a succession plan may not always involve family, he says. There are numerous succession options. Two common ones are making sure children have equal shares and wanting the operation to remain in farming in ... Read More »
  • Independent Crop Consultants Provide Service, Value To Growers

    Independent Crop Consultants Provide Service, Value To Growers

    By Patrick R. Shepard Contributing Writer In 1983, Billy Bryant was so excited about starting his profession as an independent crop consultant that the day he graduated from Mississippi State University, before he left the campus, he took his test and got his consultant license. By that time, he had racked up eight years’ scouting experience. He had worked during the summers for consultant Billy Harris, who was a Mississippi Agricultural Consultants Association charter member. After graduating with a degree in agronomy, Bryant worked part-time for consultant Jim McCrory for two summers. “I started with nothing after graduation, so it ... Read More »
  • Vitals for Cotton Sector

    Vitals for Cotton Sector

    By Seshadri Ramkumar Texas Tech University Maintaining market share, enhancing consumer awareness and continuous investments in research and development are needed to advance the cotton sector. Steve Verett, Executive Vice President of Lubbock, TX-based Plains Cotton Growers, Inc., captivated the audience in a speech last Thursday at Texas Tech University about the 2017 cotton crop and the industry overall. As the talk was held in a conference room in the chemistry building at TTU, Verett quipped that chemistry drove him away from majoring in agro science to Business School, when he joined Tech in the Fall of 1971. Guess what, ... Read More »
  • Advocating Farm Friendly  Tax Reform

    Advocating Farm Friendly Tax Reform

    Congressional leaders hope by Christmas to wrap a bow around the first comprehensive tax reform in 30 years — a measure on which the National Cotton Council has actively conveyed its priorities. What input has the NCC provided? Among recent actions, the NCC joined other agricultural organizations on letters to Congressional leadership conveying support for tax reform provisions involving: 1) the use of cash accounting; 2) Section 199 deduction; 3) capital gains; 4) interest deductibility; and 5) estate tax repeal. I also joined other agricultural representatives to discuss priorities with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin after which I noted in an ... Read More »
  • Cotton Ginning Marketplace

    Cotton Ginning Marketplace

    Bag And Tie Codes Required For Warehouse Receipts With the 2017 crop now being harvested, ginned and stored, the National Cotton Council is reminding industry members of the importance of proper bale identification, including adherence to multiple requirements. First, all warehouses with U.S. Department of Agriculture Commodity Credit Corporation cotton storage agreements and cotton gins are reminded that bag and tie codes are required elements of warehouse receipts. This year’s Joint Cotton Industry Bale Packaging Committee action to require the inclusion of bag and tie codes on warehouse receipts was approved by USDA-CCC in Kansas City. A note referencing the new ... Read More »