• A Year Of Learning

    A Year Of Learning

    Multidisciplinary Teams From Several Cotton States Work To Learn More About Cotton Leaf Roll Dwarf Virus. • By Amanda Huber, Southeast Editor • Teams of cotton researchers throughout the Cotton Belt are working diligently to ... Read More »
  • Revisiting A Special Sense Of Place

    Revisiting A Special Sense Of Place

    Shared memories from our past are the links of an invisible chain that create a sense of place and a permanent bond among those who experienced a common geography. I belong to a Facebook group ... Read More »
  • A Reputation At Stake

    A Reputation At Stake

    The National Cotton Council’s Board of Directors has taken a timely position regarding reclass procedures for bales contaminated with plastics. Is this a real concern? ■ Yes. To maintain U.S. cotton’s reputation, the industry remains ... Read More »
  • What is going on in the cotton market?

    What is going on in the cotton market?

    • By Seshadri Ramkumar • Demand, trade wars and global economic scenarios are all playing their part in the weak cotton market. About 80 people involved in different aspects of the cotton sector gathered recently ... Read More »