• McLain Farms

    McLain Farms

    Texas Panhandle Operation Rotates Cotton And Cattle. • By Carroll Smith, Editor • Shane McLain and his wife, SammiJo, operate a stripper cotton and cow-calf business in Castro County, Texas, between Hart and Nazareth. This ... Read More »


  • When Mother Nature Doubles Down

    When Mother Nature Doubles Down

    As part of their daily routine, farmers stand in the fields looking up at the sky to try to determine what cards the weather is holding. They can’t control what is going to happen, but ... Read More »
  • Advocating For Assistance

    Advocating For Assistance

    Throughout the year, the National Cotton Council was very persistent in seeking congressional support for much-needed disaster and recovery assistance. How did the NCC push for this? ■ Recognizing the critical need for timely assistance for ... Read More »
  • Ginning Research Is A Priority

    Ginning Research Is A Priority

    The National Cotton Council annually sends a letter to the Senate and House leaders who oversee agricultural appropriations requesting that funding levels be maintained for the three U.S. ginning laboratories. Just a few years ago, ... Read More »