• Wrangler Highlights Farmers, Sustainability

    Wrangler Highlights Farmers, Sustainability

    Preserving The Land And Farming Lifestyle Are The Goals Of These Family Farming Operations That Represent Five States In The Cotton Belt. • By Amanda Huber, Southeast Editor • Wrangler, the iconic global jeanswear and ... Read More »


  • Prepare For The  Robot Invasion

    Prepare For The Robot Invasion

    Within a few years, California farmers will have to pay $15 an hour minimum wage and time-and-a-half overtime for anything over eight hours under new regulations. That is, if they can even find reliable workers. ... Read More »
  • Clean And On Time

    Clean And On Time

    Unencumbered flow of uncontaminated cotton into the marketplace continues to be a National Cotton Council priority. What about contamination prevention? ■ The NCC strongly urges producers and gin managers to have their entire harvest and ginning ... Read More »
  • Jensen Scholarship & NAICC Foundation Scholarships

    Jensen Scholarship & NAICC Foundation Scholarships

    James Harper from Louisiana State University received the 2018 Foundation for Environmental Agriculture Education $3,000 scholarship. Also known as the Richard Jensen Scholarship, it commemorates one of the early members of the National Alliance of ... Read More »