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Irrigation Tips

Cotton Watering Decisions Vary Across The Belt Although cotton is an arid crop, farmers often turn to irrigation to provide adequate water, especially during the critical growth stages. However, across the Cotton Belt, irrigation is...


Editor's Note

Celebrating The Role Of A Cotton Consultant

I had the blessing to grow up as both the daughter and granddaughter of Texas cotton consultants. I learned early in life what hard,...

Cotton's Agenda

First Step Forward

The National Cotton Council has actively conveyed to Congress the U.S. cotton industry’s policy priorities for the next farm legislation. What is the NCC’s...

Specialists Speaking

Mid-Season Management Considerations

ALABAMA | Steve M. Brown Perched in my office in the hanging fluorescent light fixture typical of old buildings is a crow. Yes, a crow. Actually,...

Research & Promotion

Promoting Whole Cottonseed As Cattle Feed

Cotton growers and dairy farmers alike know the value of cotton lies not only in its textile uses but also in its byproduct, whole...

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Ginning Marketplace

Seed House Safety And Maintenance Tips

Elevated seed houses are valuable for short-term seed storage, wet seed storage and gins with limited yard space. Design improvements allow overhead seed houses...

Regional Report

Getting To Know Daniel Radford

⋅ BY STACEY GORMAN ⋅ THE COTTON BOARD Late last year, Daniel Radford began his role as The Cotton Board’s new Southeast Regional Communications Manager. Radford’s...

Web Exclusive

Cotton Farmers Spring Into Action

No, it’s not quite time to drag out the cotton picker but give it a few days and growers will be waking up in...

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