• Good Guys, Bad Guys

    Good Guys, Bad Guys

    Consider The Use Of ‘Natural Enemies’ To Help Control Western Cotton Pests • By Carroll Smith, Editor • In the Arizona cotton insect arena, the most notorious villains are Lygus bugs and sweetpotato or silverleaf ... Read More »
  • A Tribute To ‘Footprints In The Field’

    A Tribute To ‘Footprints In The Field’

    In the life of a cotton consultant, the day starts early and often lasts well past dark-thirty. The hours are long, but their passion for helping farmer-clients succeed and turn a profit on their cotton ... Read More »
  • COVID-19 Crisis Management II

    COVID-19 Crisis Management II

    The NCC urged additional CARES Act funding be authorized for the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. What recent steps has the NCC taken? ■ One of the more important actions in the past two ... Read More »
  • Ginning In The Age Of COVID-19

    Ginning In The Age Of COVID-19

    As I write this, the coronavirus numbers are just as confusing as they were when this whole thing started. No one knows exactly what is going on and how this odd disease seems to work ... Read More »