• Get The Dirt On Soil

    Get The Dirt On Soil

    Regular Sampling Provides Nutrient Status, Taking Much Of The Guesswork Out Of Soil Fertility • By Vicky Boyd, Managing Editor • Mississippi State University Extension cotton specialist Brian Pieralisi likes to look at soil as ... Read More »
  • The Beat Goes On….

    The Beat Goes On….

    In the past six months during the coronavirus pandemic, the resilience of the human spirit has been tested beyond what many have ever experienced. The question that looms, whether spoken or unspoken, is “Will we ... Read More »
  • Championing U.S. Cotton Credibility

    Championing U.S. Cotton Credibility

    Despite COVID-19, the National Cotton Council efforts to increase producer enrollment in the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol and escalate the program’s global credibility gained momentum this summer. What are the most recent developments? ■ Overall, ... Read More »
  • 2020 NC Cotton Seed Testing Pilot Program results

    2020 NC Cotton Seed Testing Pilot Program results

    The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services conducted a cotton seed testing pilot program during the 2020 planting season. The sampling was conducted by seed and fertilizer field staff with testing conducted in ... Read More »