• Reeves Family Farms

    Reeves Family Farms

    Rockin’ The Hills Of West Tennessee • By Carroll Smith, Editor • In the late 1800s, Ernest Reeves traveled from Canada and settled in Fayette County, Tennessee, where the Loosahatchie River runs through the rolling ... Read More »
  • Family Ties Run Deep

    Family Ties Run Deep

    We all are experiencing a time in our society when anxiety and fear have crept in and challenged our ability to maintain a sense of normalcy. Those who are fortunate enough to be surrounded by ... Read More »
  • A Plant Protection Priority

    A Plant Protection Priority

    The National Cotton Council worked closely with EPA and agribusiness allies to ensure dicamba’s continued availability. What was the threat to dicamba? ■ After the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit vacated the ... Read More »