• Across The Belt

    Across The Belt

    Cotton Planting Described As Mixed Bag In 2019. • By Carroll Smith, Editor • This year’s planting season has been a mixed bag with Mother Nature taking the reins in producing unusual weather in some ... Read More »


  • Technology, Know-How Change Everything

    Technology, Know-How Change Everything

    Technology is a tool that when paired with know-how can change our lives for the better. Over the past century, technology has revolutionized cotton farming. The list is extensive, but this issue of Cotton Farming ... Read More »
  • Driving Continuous Improvement

    Driving Continuous Improvement

    The National Cotton Council wants to show that U.S. cotton not only is among the most sustainably produced fibers in the world but is striving to further reduce its environmental footprint. Can U.S. cotton claim ... Read More »
  • Why Cotton?

    Why Cotton?

    • By Seshadri Ramkumar, Texas Tech University • Building demand for cotton is needed as good production potential is expected in the near future. Cotton is in business as it is presold on its comfort. ... Read More »