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Let’s Talk Logos

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The Seal Of Cotton Is Recognized And Respected In The Marketplace • By Stacey Warren, Warren, Arkanssa • Let’s talk about logos. What is the value of a good trademark? Well, when it comes to the Seal of Cotton trademark, the value is pretty significant. In fact, more than eight out of 10 consumers are aware of the seal. That’s ... Read More »

The Significance Of The ‘Seal Of Cotton’ Trademark

seal of cotton

• By Stacey Gorman, The Cotton Board, Director of Communications • The Seal of Cotton has been vital in the success Cotton Incorporated has seen promoting brand awareness for cotton. Dukes Wooters, Cotton Incorporated’s first president, introduced the seal in 1973. The initial idea for designing a cotton trademark came in 1971 when Wooters was looking for a symbol that would ... Read More »