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What Customers Want

Want Style, Sustainability? Consider Cotton

Finding The Right Source United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) members – fashion brands, retailers, importers and wholesalers based in the United States and doing business globally – are industry leaders in terms of ethical sourcing. While our members have always been committed to sourcing at the highest standards, today they are particularly focused on ethical sourcing as a critical ... Read More »

Global Denim Awards Showcase Need For Quality

By Andrew Olah CEO/Olah Incorporated Founder of Kingpins Show New York, N.Y. Quest for Quality Cotton I have just returned home from the first Global Denim Awards event, which was conducted on Oct. 30 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and I’m more confident than ever that quality cotton continues to be in demand from mills and apparel brands around the world. Bayer’s ... Read More »

New Opportunity For U.S. Cotton In China

Less Cotton in China? Several years ago when I was working for the Globecot News Network (www.commoditynetwork.com), I wrote a story detailing the decline of China’s cotton production in lieu of the need to “import what you wear and plant what you eat.” I was a bit premature with my forecast, but there is no doubt China is now on ... Read More »

Familiar Message For Cotton In Today’s Market

The University of Rhode Island's Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design graduates students with all they need to be successful in the wide range of careers open to them. Beyond the obvious knowledge inherent in the major, its graduates are equipped to think critically and be prepared to meet changes and challenges that will inevitably arise over their working lives. Read More »

High Quality Cotton Crucial For U.S. Mills

The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) is the voice of the U.S. domestic textile industry in Washington, DC. With more than 150 current members, NCTO represents manufacturers from every major sector of the industry, including fiber, yarn, fabric, home furnishings and finished apparel producers. NCTO is focused on influencing federal policies, programs and regulations that advance the interests of the U.S. textile sector. Read More »

Many Factors Can Contribute to Quality

Quality sets cotton apart from most agricultural commodities. That is, a bale of cotton possesses a unique set of characteristics that renders it suitable for certain uses, and less so for others. Producers are familiar with these characteristics as they show up in premium and discount tables and recap prices. Consumers see quality reflected in premium prices for high-end textiles and garments made from Pima, Sea Isle or others. Read More »

Quality Cotton is Definitely Sustainable

Physical parameters are no longer the only indicators for the quality of cotton. New characteristics have come into play when referring to quality. Sustainability, transparency and social compliance are increasingly important to the end consumer today although the definitions and understanding of these terms can vary considerably. During my 10 years of working in the jeans industry, critics often question how clean our supply chain is. Those brands and retailers that are motivated to continuously reduce their environmental impact are a strong force. Both governmental and non-governmental organizations are pushing toward this continuous improvement. Read More »