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Plastic contamination weighs heavily in 2021crop loan rates

cotton bales, texas

• By Keith Edmiston • The U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency released the 2021 crop Upland Cotton Loan Premium and Discount tables April 15. The biggest changes are in extraneous matter for plastics with level 1 and 2 both over 3,000 points. This discount is expected to increase to 4,000 points in 2022. Needless to say, we have ... Read More »

Deltapine launches 14th NPE season with 11 variety candidates

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The Deltapine New Product Evaluator Program kicks off its 14th season with NPE growers evaluating cotton variety candidates containing ThryvOn Technology, which is the industry’s first cotton biotech trait to protect against feeding damage from tarnished plant bug and thrips species. The three ThryvOn Technology variety candidates are stacked with Bollgard 3 XtendFlex Technology and are part of a set ... Read More »

Rio Grande salinity drives innovation, change in agriculture

rio grande river

The increasing salinity of the Rio Grande River is a real problem for agricultural producers. Experts from Texas A&M AgriLife Research are studying this problem to provide options and advice for those who rely on this water source. The Rio Grande has made agriculture possible in South and West Texas for hundreds of years or more. Today, the Rio Grande ... Read More »

Cotton and soil temperatures

soil temperature

• By Steve Brown • Most management guides for cotton discuss the initiation of planting in terms of calendar dates, soil temperatures and 3 to 5-day forecasts. Recommended soil temps center on 65 degrees Fahrenheit at a depth of 3 to 4 inches mid-morning, while occasionally, old literature might indicate 60 F. The former number is conservative, meaning that at ... Read More »

Nufarm acquires PGR from BASF

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Nufarm Americas Inc. has acquired Pentia plant growth regulator from BASF. The product offers a track record of maximizing cotton yields with improved plant uptake, rainfastness, height management, boll retention, earliness and yield potential, according to a news release. Pentia contains the active ingredient mepiquat pentaborate. “The faster absorption of Pentia versus traditional, unenhanced mepiquat has benefited cotton growers for ... Read More »

UGA researchers confirm PPO-resistant Palmer pigweed

georgia PPO herbicide trial

• By Stanley Culpepper and Taylor Randell • Research over the past three seasons has confirmed a Georgia population of Palmer amaranth to be resistant to topical applications of PPO herbicides including Reflex, Cobra and Blazer (Figure 1). For cotton and peanut farmers, the question on everyone’s mind is if the residual activity of Valor and Reflex will still control ... Read More »