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Help guide irrigation researchers by taking this survey

mississippi cotton irrigation

Help us by participating in an irrigation survey. The questions in this survey are only about furrow- or flood-irrigated croplands. Flood-irrigated croplands still play an important role in supplying food, feed and fiber demands in the United States but have received less national attention in recent years compared to sprinkler and drip irrigation methods. Information from this survey will be ... Read More »

Cotton Trust Protocol, TextileGenesis announce collaboration

new protocol trust logo

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol has joined the TextileGenesis platform as the world’s first sustainable cotton fiber to offer full transparency across the supply chain on the platform. This will enable the protocol, a science-based sustainability program that collects farm-level data against six key sustainability metrics, to enhance the supply chain verification of its Protocol Credit Management System. “Today, having a ... Read More »

78 growers inducted into FiberMax One Ton Club for 2020

fibermax ford pickup

Seventy-eight growers from across Texas, New Mexico and California qualified for BASF’s FiberMax One Ton Club based on their 2020 harvest. The program, recognizes growers who harvest 4 bales or greater yields per acre using FiberMax cotton varieties, has qualified 1,215 members during its 16-year history. Several members also received special awards in five categories for the 2020 season: • ... Read More »

Develop a plan for early season pests


There are many risk factors associated with production agriculture — many of them including aspects that producers cannot control. Weather, rainfall and pressures from cotton pests are all factors with a large impact on plant growth and maturity. Scott Graham, an Alabama Extension entomologist with a focus on cotton, soybeans and peanuts, said it is important to develop a plan ... Read More »

Plastic contamination weighs heavily in 2021crop loan rates

cotton bales, texas

• By Keith Edmiston • The U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency released the 2021 crop Upland Cotton Loan Premium and Discount tables April 15. The biggest changes are in extraneous matter for plastics with level 1 and 2 both over 3,000 points. This discount is expected to increase to 4,000 points in 2022. Needless to say, we have ... Read More »

Deltapine launches 14th NPE season with 11 variety candidates

deltapine logo

The Deltapine New Product Evaluator Program kicks off its 14th season with NPE growers evaluating cotton variety candidates containing ThryvOn Technology, which is the industry’s first cotton biotech trait to protect against feeding damage from tarnished plant bug and thrips species. The three ThryvOn Technology variety candidates are stacked with Bollgard 3 XtendFlex Technology and are part of a set ... Read More »

Rio Grande salinity drives innovation, change in agriculture

rio grande river

The increasing salinity of the Rio Grande River is a real problem for agricultural producers. Experts from Texas A&M AgriLife Research are studying this problem to provide options and advice for those who rely on this water source. The Rio Grande has made agriculture possible in South and West Texas for hundreds of years or more. Today, the Rio Grande ... Read More »