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Consultants Corner

Breaking Barriers

Dr. Robert Lemon PhytoGen Cotton Development Specialist Dow AgroSciences, East Texas I recently was visiting with some Upper Gulf Coast growers, reflecting on the outstanding cotton crops we’ve made over the past three years. We’ve had numerous growers break the three- to four-bale per acre barrier – dryland! And even more amazing, in the Blacklands! So, folks ask me, “Why ... Read More »

2014 Consultant of the Year: Stan Winslow

What motivates a person to pursue a career as a cotton consultant? No matter how that question is posed, you might receive numerous answers. But, one familiar theme rings true for those who have chosen this career – commitment. A consultant is the farmer’s partner year-round and treats his customers’ acreage as if it were his own. Just call him ... Read More »

Focus On Maximum Economic Yield

Joe Cely Cely Crop Consulting Pamplico, S.C. I was a county agent for 30 years with Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service. When I retired in 1996 here in Florence, I started consulting full-time. In 2004, my daughter, Ellen, joined me, and now we are partners in Cely Crop Consulting based in Pamplico. Our growers take soil samples early in order ... Read More »

Staying On Top Of Pests Is Key

My family was in the retail fertilizer application business, so I have been around agriculture all of my life. While I was in college, a local consultant in the Clarksdale area hired me and taught me how to scout crops. After graduating from Mississippi State in 1994, my dad was farming, so I started checking the fields on our farm ... Read More »

Mid-South Insect Pressure in Review

Every year presents different growing conditions and new challenges, and 2014 was no exception. For some of the most troublesome pests, the university Extension experts predicted accurately that: Tarnished plant bugs were capable of surviving the harsh winter. Nonmigratory lepidopteron caterpillar pests were not impacted, because they overwinter as pupae deep in the soil; predators were impacted by the freezing ... Read More »

Georgia Anticipates Profitable Crop

This year, we started off with adequate rainfall, then it got dry. Plant bugs were pretty relentless all season, but we were able to manage them. We used a good bit of Transform and tankmixes with Transform, which did a superb job in cleaning them up. Most of our plant bug applications go out in the second week of squaring. Read More »

Plant Bugs Handled, Crop Prep Next

In 2014 2014 has been another radical weather year, being cooler and wetter than any year I recollect. We were able to get almost all the cotton planted during the first 10 days of May with very little replant necessary. Cotton grew off slowly and has crept along at a snail's pace all year. Although maturity of the later cotton is a concern, I constantly tell my growers that I would much rather have mid-80 degree highs and mid-60 degree lows than 75-80 degree lows and 100-plus degree highs. Read More »