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Take Time To Relay Offseason Safety Message

module feeder

As ginners, we typically focus our attention on the gin season. We have seasonal labor that may be new or returning. We must train them and get them oriented to working long hours and around equipment they aren’t familiar with. As far as safety is concerned, it helps to assume they don’t know anything and start with fresh training for ... Read More »

NCGA Honors Mid-South Ginner

david blakemore

David Blakemore, an innovative Missouri ginner who has provided outstanding service and leadership to the U.S. cotton industry, is the 2020 Horace Hayden National Cotton Ginner of the Year. He was recognized at the National Cotton Ginners Association’s recent 2021 virtual annual meeting. The annual NCGA award is presented to a ginner in recognition of providing able, efficient and faithful ... Read More »

Seed Coat Fragments Challenged Gins In 2020

seed coat fragment

Seed coat fragments have been a long-term issue for cotton. Fragment outbreaks occur sporadically every three to five years in some region of the United States. Last year, the region included Alabama, Georgia and Florida, with the biggest outbreak of seed fragment calls in the past 20 years. And it was no coincidence this is also one of the worst ... Read More »

California Governor Signs Family Leave Bill

California Cotton Growers and Ginning Association

Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed Senate Bill 1383 (D-Jackson), which expands employee job-protected leave. Under current law, employers with more than 50 employees are subject to the California Family Rights Act and the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. CFRA and FMLA time off can be taken in increments as small as one hour and provide employees with 12 weeks ... Read More »

Moisture — A Primary Key To Quality Cotton

round modules

While this article may come out a bit late for some of the cotton harvest, I believe moisture is an important topic to review. It is one of those things we, as ginners, often have a love-hate relationship with. Moisture adds weight and weight is money. The problem is, too much moisture (particularly at harvest or in the bale) can ... Read More »