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“Whole Package” Drew Me to PhytoGen

Mike Goss

Mike Goss, pictured here  with his son, Lane, farms both dry land and irrigated cotton in the Texas Panhandle. Here, he recounts his 2017 experience with PhytoGen® brandPHY 300 W3FE and PHY 490 W3FE. Goss says his most challenging weeds are glyphosate-resistant Palmer pigweed and marestail, so his herbicide program included Enlist Duo® herbicide and Enlist One™ herbicide that he ... Read More »

Consistent, High Yields And Grades

Jay Beaird farms with his grandfather Terry, father Faron, brother Terry Allen and brother-in-law Tyler Moore in West Tennessee. Jay and his father also have a custom harvesting business in Tennessee and South Texas. He says consistency is very important, and the PhytoGen varieties always deliver for him. Here Jay recounts his 2017 experience with PhytoGen® brand PHY 333 WRF, ... Read More »

Zero Escapes And Zero Crop Injury

J.P. Kelley and his business partner Fred Helms grow cotton and peanuts at H&K Farms south of Dothan, Alabama. Kelley says they battle tremendous glyphosate-resistant pigweed pressure. Here he recounts his weed control experience with PhytoGen® brand PHY 490 W3FE. Kelley’s herbicide program included Enlist Duo® herbicide and Enlist One™ herbicide that he applied on a trial basis. “Last year, ... Read More »

Key Considerations When Choosing Cotton Seed

Selecting the right seed with the right traits will help ensure optimal cotton production. By CROPLAN® Seed Host Kyle Reiner, WinField United master agronomy advisor, talks cotton on this episode of The Deal With Yield podcast with Sara Smelser, regional agronomist for WinField United. Tune in to hear the two discuss trait advancements and why seed selection is a key ... Read More »

Time to Pick Your 2018 Cotton Varieties

By Robert Cossar, Technical Seed Manager and Cotton Product Manager, CROPLAN Seed If you are a cotton farmer, you are probably starting to analyze this year’s yield data and turning your thoughts toward what varieties to plant in 2018. While yield and quality are always top considerations, here are some additional factors you and your agronomist will want to review ... Read More »

PHY 444 WRF Equals ‘Amazing Grades’

Mark Yeager, along with his sons Mark Jr. and Joe, grows cotton and corn at Red Land Farms in north Alabama. He also is owner/operator of Yeager Gin and in partnership with his daughter Anna Yeager Brakefield in Red Land Cotton, a textile enterprise specializing in high-quality cotton home offerings. Yeager has very high standards for the cottonseed varieties he ... Read More »