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Web Poll: SW Acreage May Increase

In the past few years, cotton acreage has taken a dip across the Belt as farmers reacted to attractive grain prices, and, in some areas, water issues. Despite this trend, many people in the industry have alluded to 2014 as the year that cotton acreage is expected to increase. In December, Cotton Farming asked its readers where they expected to ... Read More »

Managing A Late Crop

In many areas of the Belt, the cotton crop is somewhat behind schedule this year, requiring producers to make adjustments to their “normal” production practices. Thirty percent of the Web Poll respondents say they have had to deal with adjusting PGR rates, spraying more for insect pests, adjusting herbicide programs and keeping an eye on their irrigation scheduling. Following is ... Read More »

2013 Cotton Crop – A Mixed Bag

In following the old adage, “The glass is half full,” 50 percent of the Web Poll respondents rated their 2013 cotton crop in the excellent-to-good range. However, most of the comments that were entered touch on the challenges that U.S. cotton farmers are facing this year. Following is a sampling of how the Web Poll respondents described their 2013 crop ... Read More »

Respondents Cite ‘Government Control’

On May 21, 34 organizations – including the National Cotton Council (NCC) – sent a letter to all of the U.S. senators. These groups stated that they are committed to opposing “amendments on the Senate floor that might weaken the crop insurance program or amendments that might not link conservation compliance with crop insurance premium assistance.” Soon after, the Senate ... Read More »

Weather And Water Take Top Spots

As the 2013 cotton production season drew near, the main topics of conversation across the Belt centered on challenging weather conditions, and, in certain areas, water availability. Missouri cotton specialist Mike Milam reports on page 10, “Cool, wet soils and danger of frost during our normal earlier planting dates have really slowed things down.” Last month, he also notes, “The ... Read More »

On-The-Farm – Mobile Device Use

Each year, mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are becoming more commonplace in agricultural settings. And new, convenient farm apps that can be downloaded onto these devices are being utilized, too. According to the results of the January Web Poll, 68 percent of the respondents indicated that smartphones, apps and tablets play a significant role to somewhat of a ... Read More »

Estate Tax Reform: When, or If?

According to the American Farm Bureau, “without Congressional action, in 2013 the estate tax exemption will shrink to $1 million per person with no spousal transfer, and the top rate will exceed 55 percent.” With this in mind, it’s no wonder that estate tax reform is such an emotional issue to the people who have worked hard all of their ... Read More »