Breaking Barriers

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.08.46 AMDr. Robert Lemon
PhytoGen Cotton Development Specialist
Dow AgroSciences, East Texas

I recently was visiting with some Upper Gulf Coast growers, reflecting on the outstanding cotton crops we’ve made over the past three years. We’ve had numerous growers break the three- to four-bale per acre barrier – dryland! And even more amazing, in the Blacklands!

So, folks ask me, “Why are we able to make so much cotton these days across East and South Texas?” First, the dreaded boll weevil is no longer in our “management equation.” Rather than manage around the weevil, we’re able to manage the crop and retain the perimeter bolls and the “top crop.” Second, Mother Nature has to cooperate, and the grower has to make good decisions. And last, but certainly not least, it takes the right variety to bring it all together. That variety has been PhytoGen brand PHY 499 WRF.

I’m an old-school guy (some people would simply call me old), and, for me, it’s all about consistency. I know what you’re thinking, “Dr. Lemon always talks about consistency.” And you’d be correct.

Why? Because it’s what makes you money year in and year out. Think about the past three years and how they differed. One thing remained the same. One thing remained consistent – PHY 499 WRF.

When I first joined Dow AgroSciences in 2011, I focused on “good ole” PhytoGen variety PHY 375 WRF. I also introduced you to PHY 499 WRF and told you it had all the characteristics to become “the dominant player across the Cotton Belt.” Well, I finally got something right – PhytoGen variety PHY 499 WRF has been the No. 1 planted variety in 2012, 2013 and again in 2014.

I wish I could predict the weather this well! The bottom line is PHY 499 WRF consistently performs under challenging conditions.

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Introducing PHY 333 WRF
I now want to introduce one of our newest varieties, PhytoGen variety PHY 333 WRF. This early maturing variety has exceptional yield potential and superior fiber quality. Planting two or more varieties, especially of differing maturities, makes good agronomic sense. With the addition of PHY 333 WRF and its excellent fiber quality package, we have the perfect complement to the midmaturing PHY 499 WRF.

In the South Texas Extension RACE trials, PHY 499 WRF and PHY 333 WRF took the top two positions at four out of five locations. And in the Corpus Christi “Monster” variety trial, PhytoGen occupied six of the top seven positions (PHY 499 WRF, first; and PHY 333 WRF, fourth). Now that’s the measure of consistency.

As you start to make your variety decisions for 2015, focus on the consistent performer and build your variety plan around PHY 499 WRF. And use the early maturing, high-yielding PhytoGen brand PHY 333 WRF as the complement on the balance of your acres.

As a final note, I want to extend a sincere thank you to our loyal growers of PhytoGen cottonseed. And remember: When you think cotton, think PhytoGen.

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