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2019 Beltwide Cotton Conferences Event Highlights Efficiency

2019 Beltwide Cotton ConferencesThe National Cotton Council will hold the 2019 Beltwide Cotton Conferences (BWCC), Jan. 8-10, 2019, at the New Orleans Marriott in New Orleans, Louisiana. The meeting is designed to provide insight on current research and emerging technology to help attendees improve production, processing and marketing efficiency.

The BWCC, coordinated by the NCC, brings together university and U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers, Extension personnel and agents, consultants, and industry sales and support personnel.

Information about the 2019 BWCC, including registration and housing reservation instructions, is at The website also includes a link to BWCC proceedings from 2005-2018.

Cotton Consultants’ Conference

The 2019 BWCC will begin at noon, Jan. 8, with the half-day Cotton Consultants’ Conference that is open to all attendees. Among topics selected by the consultant community is an expert panel of entomologists to discuss bollworm and Bt resistance.

North Carolina State Extension entomologist Dominic Reisig, who will serve on the panel, says, “Because bollworm is now resistant to cotton varieties with two Bt toxins (Bollgard 2, WideStrike and TwinLink), production and resistance management practices should be altered. This will include the modification of thresholds for bollworm in certain cotton varieties and actions in corn to delay resistance to the current functioning Bt trait for bollworm — Vip3Aa.”

Other entomologists joining Reisig are David Kerns, Texas A&M; Rogers Leonard, Louisiana State University AgCenter; and Jeff Gore, Mississippi State University. This “must-attend” discussion will shed light on a topic that has garnered attention out in the field in recent years.

Also during the conference, Auburn University’s Kathy Lawrence will make a presentation on the status of nematodes and the new products pertaining to them. Other topics include the objectives of cover crop initiatives, the current state of integrated pest management in cotton and future considerations, the status of boll weevil eradication in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and a product registration update.

Technical Conferences

The BWCC cotton technical conferences, which will provide updates on research and a look into the technology pipeline, will meet concurrently beginning on the morning of Jan. 9 and conclude by noon, Jan. 10.

The Ginning Conference, for example, will include several presentations critical to cotton quality and efficient processing. Included will be updates regarding ongoing ginning research, new equipment, cottonseed, and lint contamination research and prevention. Beginning on the afternoon of Jan. 8, the National Cotton Ginners Association will hold several committee and subcommittee meetings. A schedule of those meetings is at

The Cotton Engineering-Systems Conference will have a panel addressing sustainability issues. The Cotton Improvement Conference also will feature five-minute lightning talks from poster presentation authors. They provide the main research points for stimulating more discussion later at the poster session.

Registration Fees

Here are the registration costs for the 2019 BWCC before Dec.17.

$200 for NCC/Cotton Foundation members, university and USDA researchers, Extension personnel, associations and consultants

$500 for non-U.S. researchers, Extension, associations and consultants

$400 for non-NCC/Foundation members

$80 for students

On-site conference self-registration kiosks will be open 24 hours a day starting on the evening of Jan. 7. Beginning on the morning of Jan. 8, NCC staff will be available for attendees needing assistance with registration and name badge printing.

The Big Easy Beckons

On its website, the NCC shares “More About New Orleans” to give potential BWCC attendees a glimpse inside the historic venue.

“A timeless city with a unique way of life, New Orleans is a journey and a celebration. Steeped in European traditions and Caribbean influences, the Big Easy calls curious minds to sweet sounds and savory aromas fueled by three hundred years of history. From the moment you arrive, New Orleans will beckon your ears, allure your eyes and enchant your heart.

“Indulge your senses and explore. We invite you to follow the scent of gumbo floating out the kitchen window, foster a path that leads to the sounds of drums and a Blues guitar, create the route that welcomes you to a historic mansion or a hidden courtyard… We believe that our lagniappe — a little something extra — will stay with you, calling you back to discover the mystery behind our magical city. New Orleans is and will always be a picturesque metropolitan, a culturally rich haven and an authentic experience.”

Be sure to attend this long-standing cotton meeting that brings the industry together for education, networking opportunities and fun.

For more information, call 901-274-9030 or email:

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