Easter Eggs Hidden In Plain Sight

carroll smith
Carroll Smith,

Sometimes when closing out an issue of Cotton Farming, it occurs to me that “Easter eggs” are figuratively embedded throughout the magazine. Although they were not placed there by design, nonetheless, there they are. And each one this month embodies a common theme — family.

The meaning of the term Easter egg has evolved over the years. In the 1920s, history reflects it was used in a derogatory way to describe a woman who wore too much makeup. Then there are Easter eggs most everyone is familiar with — decorated boiled eggs that children search for during the Easter holiday. These, of course, are meant to delight. 

In the 1975 cult film — “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” — legend says the movie cast and crew decided to have their own Easter egg hunt but failed to find them all. The remaining eggs made it into the film, and sharp-eyed moviegoers spotted them. From then on, finding an Easter egg referred to identifying an extra detail in a movie. Today, Easter eggs are embedded in some online media for fun and can be found by clicking on different items.

The Easter eggs in the February issue of Cotton Farming are hidden in plain sight. You’ve already been given a clue, so happy hunting!

Also, please take time to check out the article on page 18, regarding the 2022 Mid-South Farm and Gin Show. Not only is it back to being held as an in-
person event, it will take place in the newly renovated Cook Convention Center, Feb. 25-26. The venue has been renamed the Renasant Convention Center, but the address is still 255 N. Main St., Memphis, Tennessee.

Tim Price, show manager and Southern Cotton Ginners Association executive vice president, says, “The ag business segment of our industry continues to come forward with new machinery, new innovations and amazing new technology. We also try to provide the best assessment possible on topics of interest to those in the business of agriculture.” 

In addition to hundreds of exhibitors who are anxious to show off their new products and services, several educational seminars will be open to attendees. Please take advantage of this opportunity and make plans to attend. Be sure to stop by the One Grower Publishing booth to say hello and chat with our staff. 

We look forward to seeing you!

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