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2023 Beltwide Cotton Consultants Conference

Helping Consultants And Others With Agronomic And Pest Management Decisions


This year’s Beltwide Cotton Conferences will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jan. 10-12 at the New Orleans Marriott. The Cotton Consultants session will be held during the afternoon Jan. 10 and continue the morning of Jan. 11. The session is open to all registered attendees.


This year’s Consultants Conference is bringing in university and U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers, regulatory agencies, Extension personnel/agents, consultants and industry sales/support personnel to provide information regarding new products and production/processing systems. This information can be tailored to fit individual farming operations. Topics this year may include:

Updates on ThryvOn™ cotton technology.

→ Herbicide resistance.

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol.

Changes in weather patterns.

Regulatory updates.

Impacts from the Endangered Species Act.

New precision agriculture technologies.

Impacts of climate.

Retail inventory.

Supply chain status of fertilizer and chemistries.

Dicamba usage.

Regulatory Updates

Dr. Don Parker, VP of Technical Services for the National Cotton Council, said there will be a host of regulatory updates provided during this year’s consultants conference. 

He said they will cover FIFRA registration requirements for pesticide registration, as well as ESA requirements for protection of endangered species. Two speakers from Washington D.C. will be in attendance and will give presentations regarding some of these regulatory updates.  “A lot of our challenges are in that arena right now,” Parker said.

“We will highlight some of the products under review and the current thoughts of the day on how we’re moving forward with product registration.”

Parker said the new ideas being explored with respect to product registration will change labels. “It’s probably going to add some new requirements on paperwork.”

Attending The Conference

The 2023 Beltwide Cotton Conference is put together by the National Cotton Council and can be attended by anyone in the industry.

Registration costs for the 2023 BWCC before Dec. 14 are: $200 for NCC/Cotton Foundation members, university and USDA researchers, Extension personnel and associations; $500 for non-U.S. research, Extension, associations and consultants; $400 for non-NCC/Foundation members; and $80 for producers, independent crop consultants and students.

For more information and to register, please visit the BWCC home page and click on the registration tab.  

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