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When Earliness Really Counts

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Kansas doesn’t typically come to mind when most people in the industry talk about cotton, but that has been changing over the past few years. In 1995, there was a mere 3,200 acres of cotton in the state. By 2019, the acreage had increased to 175,000 acres. “I originally decided to grow cotton because of the potential for a greater ... Read More »

Cotton Farmers Nail Down 2020 With An Eye On 2021

This season’s cotton crop results are right around the corner, but growers are already eying their strategy for the 2021 growing season. Some of them already have a preliminary attack plan in their head, if not yet entirely on an Excel spreadsheet. “Mother Nature dealt us a fairly significant setback early this season,” says Lyle Carraway, a Lynchburg, South Carolina, ... Read More »

Farmers Go Underground In The Root-Knot War

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Root-knot nematode is one of the most costly and challenging pest problems in Southeastern row crop production. Common rotational programs that include cotton, soybeans and peanuts — which are all hosts for root-knot nematode — further complicate it. One of the newest nematode weapons on the market is actually an old weapon – AgLogic aldicarb. Most growers remember it as ... Read More »