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Before you plant, think about your thrips-control strategies

thrips seed treatment

• By Scott Graham • As the 2021 cotton production season approaches, it is time to start preparing for thrips management. Thrips are the dominate insect pest of seedling cotton in Alabama. Each year, thrips infest 100% of the acres planted statewide. Due to this, thrips must be managed with an at-plant insecticide. There are several options for at-plant management ... Read More »

Auburn University row crop specialists share expertise virtually

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Scientists in Auburn University’s College of Agriculture and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System are world renown for their expertise in Southern row crop production, and they continue to share that expertise even during a pandemic. These researchers and specialists, along with others from throughout the nation, usually present their findings from the most recent production season during the annual Alabama ... Read More »

Reniform Nematodes Meet Their Match

• SPONSORED CONTENT • Third-generation north Alabama cotton farmer Rodney Moon just completed his 48th crop. He says he was raised in what many call “the cotton culture.” “Cotton made things go around here,” Moon says. “It paid the bills, and in my case, it’s the only crop I really feel attached to. I farm 100% dryland cotton and have ... Read More »

Study finds neonic insecticides contribute to decline in birds

neonics, birds

A popular pesticide is causing bird species to decline at an alarming rate in the United States, according to a recent study co-authored by an Auburn University researcher and published in the journal, Nature Sustainability. “There have long been concerns that the use of neonicotinoids — a group of synthetic insecticides that have gained popularity in seed coating, foliage spray ... Read More »

Auburn University research team tackles devastating cotton virus


Since a potentially devastating cotton virus was first detected in Alabama fields in 2017, a group of Auburn University researchers and Alabama Extension specialists have been working to learn everything they can about it so farmers can minimize their risks. The team has worked so diligently, in fact, that Auburn has been designated as a U.S. Department of Agriculture Center ... Read More »

Untreated, nematode may potentially reduce cotton yields by 50%

reniform nematodes

The reniform nematode is one of the most commonly found pests of cotton, with the ability to cause severe economic damage. In order to assess exactly how much damage the reniform nematode can cause, Auburn University plant pathologists conducted a field trial comparing a clean field to a reniform-infested field. To get the most accurate data, the plant pathologists began ... Read More »