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Praying For Rain

By Jeff Nunley Victoria, Texas You’re in the middle of a 20-year drought, deal with it! Those were the first words of the keynote speaker at our Victoria Farm & Ranch Show a few years ago. It was my good fortune to be the master of ceremonies responsible for providing a wrapup that put a positive spin on a presentation ... Read More »

Life’s Lessons

By Jay Mahaffey Scott, Miss. As I get older and more sentimental, lessons learned in my experience become a bit clearer. I have spent time in cotton fields since I was a very young boy in northeast Louisiana. Many of these experiences resulted in hard work, frustrations, satisfying learning experiences and, generally, a good time when considered as a whole. ... Read More »

Small Gins Know How To Compete

By Tommy Horton Editor Sometimes we can learn more about farmers and ginners by spending an entire day with these folks and tracing their steps during a typical work day. In other words, unless we can understand the numerous decisions made by men and women of agriculture, we can never appreciate what they deal with on a daily basis. Such ... Read More »

Loyalty To Cotton – An Encouraging Sign

By Tommy Horton Editor Every now and then, we meet producers who remain steadfastly committed to growing cotton – regardless of how enticing market conditions might seem for another commodity. Make no mistake about it. These farmers aren’t being ruled by sentimentality. They are making sound agronomic and business decisions because they understand the value of crop rotation programs with ... Read More »

Value Of Crop Insurance

By Woody Anderson Colorado City, Texas As I prepared to plant my cotton here in the Texas Rolling Plains, I once again was reminded that growing cotton without access to crop insurance is an awfully risky venture these days. Hundreds of dollars per acre are spent to plant a crop in the hope that it will come up, the weeds ... Read More »

Lessons Learned

By Hub Miller Sydney, Australia Taking a moment to read the My Turn stories on the back page of Cotton Farming is something I truly look forward to every month. It has always been one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy it most because the short stories about this most interesting crop and all the outstanding people in ... Read More »