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Evaluate Fields At Harvest To Help With Next Season’s Variety Selection

root-knot nematodes

At harvest, cotton growers learn how much yield-robbing diseases and pests affected fiber production. This knowledge helps determine the best varieties to plant next season. Diseases such as bacterial blight and Verticillium wilt are not controlled by in-season crop protection products. That means cottonseed varieties with built-in protection offer the best line of defense for top yield and quality potential. ... Read More »

Evaluating And Managing Deer-Damaged Cotton


By Dr. Guy Collins — In recent years, many growers have noticed an increasing incidence of deer feeding in young cotton. There are many theories as to why this may be occurring now, relative to years prior. The most common theories are the loss of aldicarb applied in-furrow for thrips and nematode control, major reductions in peanut acreage in the ... Read More »

Another Tool For Nematode Control?

When a cotton producer has spent nearly four decades fighting insect pests, it’s nice to find a new plan of attack. That is one way of describing Alabama producer Charlie Speake’s situation near Eufaula in the southern part of the state as he continues to wage war against nematodes. He has tried several approaches against these microscopic pests. First, he ... Read More »

Staying On Top Of Pests Is Key

My family was in the retail fertilizer application business, so I have been around agriculture all of my life. While I was in college, a local consultant in the Clarksdale area hired me and taught me how to scout crops. After graduating from Mississippi State in 1994, my dad was farming, so I started checking the fields on our farm ... Read More »

Early Management Can Control Insects

Early season insect pressure in the Western Cotton Belt is as diverse as the many diverse cropping environments that occur there. However, producers, researchers and crop consultants in those areas of California, Arizona and New Mexico agree that early and continuous assessments of insect pressure are key to keeping the cotton crop healthy and pest-free. Read More »

Keep Your Eyes On The Bad Guys

By Carroll Smith Senior Writer This month, Cotton Farming is focusing on familiar insect pests that likely will be back again this year. In the cover article, several consultants discuss what cotton insect pests they expect to see in their respective cotton-growing regions. To supplement the Mid-South report, Cotton Farming has gathered timely comments on May 30 from Extension entomologists ... Read More »