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Cotton Board Producer Tour Program Continues To Flourish

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• By Stacey Gorman, The Cotton Board Director of Communications • The Cotton Board Producer Tour Program has given thousands of cotton producers the opportunity to see their Cotton Research and Promotion Program checkoff dollars at work inside Cotton Incorporated’s World Headquarters and Research Facility in Cary, North Carolina. This unique program allows attendees to spend a day listening to key ... Read More »

An App That Performs ‘Cotton Advisor’ To Be Released In March

The Cooperative Extension Service has for decades been the viable outlet for information transfer be-tween Cotton Incorporated and cotton farmers. With declining public funding to support what the Extension Service does, Cotton Incorporated has begun looking at additional methods of relaying important research results and production advice, in general, to cotton farmers. “We are definitely starting to see a real ... Read More »

SPECIAL REPORT: Need An App For Insecticide Spray?

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have released two mobile phone applications, or “apps,” to make things easier for anyone who needs to adjust insecticide spray equipment. The apps were developed by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists Bradley Fritz and Wesley “Clint” Hoffmann at the agency’s Areawide Pest Management Research Unit in College Station, Texas. The apps are ... Read More »