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2014 Varieties In The Mix

12-13CFcvrCotton seed breeders continually work to bring new varieties to the field in an effort to offer producers more options from which to choose for the upcoming season. 2014 is no different.

In addition to companies conducting field trials and showcasing them at fields days throughout the growing season, many producers work in concert with them to see how the new offerings perform on their own ground.

After harvest is over, each of these varieties is evaluated, and the “cream of the crop,” so to speak, is poised to enter the marketplace.

In November, Cotton Farming publishes its annual Seed Variety Guide to help producers decide what varieties to plant based on individual varietal characteristics and the regions to which they are best suited. New varieties are set in blue type to make them easy to spot in the listing. The guide is also posted on cottonfarming.com to serve as a reference during the winter planning season.

Producers typically are advised to study carefully all available information about the new varieties and choose one, two or several to incorporate into the varietal mix on a portion of their acreage to see if, and where, they have a fit.

Based on the comments we received, many producers are interested in trying varieties that will help them manage resistant pigweeds and control nematodes. Others are considering new varieties that have done well in a particular area of the Cotton Belt. Also, yield potential and quality characteristics are always important in the decision-making process.

This month, we are asking our readers where they think we will see the biggest increase in cotton acres in 2014 and encouraging them to comment on what factors will have the most influence on these numbers.

The results of the December Web Poll will be reported in the January issue of Cotton Farming.

Web Poll Results

In studying the available varieties for 2014, how many of the new offerings do you plan to incorporate into your production system based on what you know at this time?

One – 53 %

Two – 30%

Several – 17 %

December Web Poll Question

Where do you think we will see the biggest increase in cotton acres in 2014 and why?

(1) Southeast
(2) Mid-South
(3) Southwest
(4) West

Register your vote at www.cottonfarming.com

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