New Web Site Gives Easy Access to Cotton Information

Cotton Incorporated Launches Cotton Cultivated (

Memphis, TN – Cotton Incorporated has launched a new Web site to give the cotton growing community quick and easy access to important cotton information. Cotton Cultivated ( provides a portal that integrates Web sites, downloadable documents, social media and real-time news feeds that have been “cultivated” in an effort to reduce the time spent sort through pages of irrelevant search results.

“The cotton growing community has indicated that searching for and isolating cotton production information can quickly become an overwhelming task,” says Ryan Kurtz, Director of Agricultural Research for Cotton Incorporated and lead on the launch of the new site. “The Cotton Cultivated site is aimed at helping users find cotton specific information as quickly and easily as possible,” said Kurtz.

Overview of Site Features:

The Home Page is a dashboard providing easy access to all of the site features and information. In addition to a customized search tool, there are four primary widgets on the home page:

1) Cotton News displays recent cotton related stores from agricultural media sources. You can find stories of national, global, or regional interest by clicking the respective boxes.

2) Daily Monitoring provides local weather conditions, current cotton market reports (fiber and seed), and the latest crop quality report summarized by Cotton Incorporated.

3) Research & Reports displays the latest information uploaded to the site. Materials in this section are downloadable directly from the Web site. The buttons in this widget allow flipping through the three most recent research reports added. To browse all of the material available, simply click on “See all Research and Reports.” Once all the material is displayed, there is an option to filter by growing region and topic.

4) The Resources Directory works just like the Research & Reports widget but provides a preview of the most recently added web resources. Materials in this section are trusted resources that are useful across the spectrum of the cotton growing community. All of the resources in the directory link to an outside website.

In addition to the four primary widgets, there is a Cultivated Twitter feed which follows cotton related media, research and extension experts. The tweets can be filtered by region and provide real time information without the need for a Twitter account.

Cotton Incorporated is asking for feedback from users of the site. They hope to build on what people find useful and add additional features in the future based on comments received. Please pass along any comments via the “contact us” link on the site.

Contact: Stacey Gorman, Director of Communications, 901-233-9356,

About the Cotton Board: The Cotton Research & Promotion Act established the Cotton Board as a quasi-governmental, non-profit entity to serve as the administrator of the Cotton Research & Promotion Program. Funded by America’s cotton producers and importers through the cotton check-off, the Program’s research and promotion activities are conducted worldwide by Cotton Incorporated, the Cotton Board’s sole-source contracting organization, to increase the demand for and improve the market position of cotton. The Cotton Research & Promotion Program continues to work in all areas of cotton’s pipeline – from the field to the consumer – to keep cotton the number one fiber choice in the U.S. For more information about the Cotton Board and the innovative activities stemming from the Program, visit

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