Sunday, June 23, 2024

Nufarm Credit® K6 Receives Enlist One Approval

Nufarm’s Credit® K6 Herbicide has been approved for Enlist One® tank mix. Credit K6 is a potassium salt (“K-salt”) glyphosate with a high load of active ingredient and advantages including excellent formulation stability and very low viscosity, meaning that it flows easily and doesn’t put transfer pumps under stress, even at low temperatures. Credit K6 offers efficacy on-par with Roundup PowerMax® II with the benefit of improved cold-temperature handling.

“We’re glad Enlist One growers can put this quality k-salt glyphosate formulation to work next season,” said Nufarm Technical Services Director Dan Beran, Ph.D. “There are a lot of soybean producers needing a tank mix option early in the crop season while still experiencing colder temps. Credit K6 can add utility here as well as value year-round.”

Credit K6 is the latest member of Nufarm’s Credit® glyphosate family, known for its high quality and reliability for many years. In addition to Enlist One tolerant crops, Credit K6 is approved as a tank mix for Xtendimax®, Engenia® and Tavium®. Credit K6 is registered for use in all contiguous US states and is labeled on all glyphosate tolerant crops.

Learn more about Credit K6 Herbicide.

For a complete list of Nufarm products, visit Before applying any Nufarm product, confirm that it is registered for use in your state. Important: Always read and follow label instructions.

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