Tama USA and Deltapine® Brand Join Forces to Introduce Deltapine-Branded Module Wrap for Cotton Growers in the 2023 Harvest Season

Deltapine® brand, the No. 1 planted cotton seed, and Tama USA, the leading supplier of round module wrap, are proud to announce their strategic partnership to provide cotton growers with a unique opportunity for the 2023 harvest season. In this pilot program, the two industry experts will offer branded round module wrap to a select group of New Product Evaluator (NPE) growers across the Cotton Belt.

Since 2008, Deltapine NPE growers have played a pivotal role in evaluating and demonstrating the performance of new genetics and trait technologies. Their invaluable contribution has been instrumental in advancing high-performing cotton varieties that continue to boost productivity in the U.S. cotton industry.

“The Deltapine brand is proud to collaborate with Tama USA in offering Deltapine-branded module wrap, providing growers with a distinctive way to showcase their success in cultivating high-yielding Deltapine cotton varieties,” said Lauren Bessent, Deltapine brand manager.

“The branded modules further demonstrate Deltapine brand’s commitment to the cotton industry and the longstanding partnership with growers who take pride in being part of the NPE Program and contributing to the production of high-performing cotton in their local markets and throughout United States.”

Showcasing Grower Achievement

The yellow module wrap, prominently featuring the green Deltapine logo, will be distributed to participating growers during the first year of the program. The partnership aims to recognize the hard work and dedication of NPE growers who consistently strive to improve cotton varieties season after season.

Tama, a seasoned expert in crop packaging solutions, was established in 1950. The company has a distinguished history of collaboration with John Deere, resulting in the development of round module wrap for cotton harvested using John Deere’s advanced round module building cotton pickers and strippers.

A Future of Growth and Celebration

“We are delighted to be a part of bringing Deltapine-branded TamaWrap® to some of the most innovative cotton growers in the U.S. The entire Tama team is looking forward to seeing harvested cotton fields with yellow TamaWrap showcasing the Deltapine logo,” said James Cundiff, Tama USA TamaWrap Sales and Marketing Vice President.

The success of the first-year program will pave the way for future expansion and broader implementation of the branded module wrap.

“We look forward to seeing fields harvested by NPE growers decorated with Deltapine cotton modules, symbolizing their commitment to American cotton production,” said Bessent.

“We encourage growers to proudly display their finished product branded with their favorite cotton seed brand on social media channels, celebrating their harvest and the U.S. cotton industry.”

For more information about Deltapine brand, please visit Deltapine.com.
For more information about TamaWrap, please visit TamaWrap.com.

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