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Doubling Down On Georgia

cotton scrubs

Cotton Scrubs Project Benefits Farmers, Rural Communities And U.S. Textile Manufacturing It’s October. A nurse who works at a rural hospital in a South Georgia community looks at the clock as it ticks steadily toward 5 a.m. With a few minutes left to finish her morning routine, she finds her scrubs and sneakers to get dressed. She welcomes the soft ... Read More »

A Smooth Operation

lisa and alan stasney

Cotton Is Mainstay For Texas Coastal Bend Farmers Alan And Lisa Stasney • By Carroll Smith, Editor • When two like-minded people get together, the synergy of their efforts can be a recipe for success. Alan and Lisa Stasney, who farm cotton, milo, corn and rice in the Texas Coastal Bend, are a shining example of how this works. They ... Read More »

Reflect & Project

March CF cover

The 2021 Economic Outlook For U.S. Cotton • By Jody Campiche, Shawn Boyd and Michelle Huffman • Editor’s Note: During the 2021 National Cotton Council Annual Meeting, NCC Economic Services presented the economic outlook for the U.S. and world cotton market. Here are excerpts from their report. This past year was characterized by significant uncertainty and volatility in both the ... Read More »

Key To Success

darren jost and Deere round bale stripper

West Texas Operation Capitalizes On Teamwork • By Carroll Smith, Editor • The West Texas cotton production region is hot and dry with limited groundwater and an average rainfall of about 16 inches. However, in the past four years, precipitation has not reached this mark, which has proved challenging for area farmers, especially on dryland acres. “Although we are limited ... Read More »

Planning Season

paul pilsner

As 2021 Begins, Cotton Consultants Share Their Thoughts • By Carroll Smith, Editor • Cotton Farming recently conducted a question-and-answer session with several of the past recipients of the Cotton Consultant of the Year award. They included Eddy Cates (2019), Tucker Miller (2004), Paul Pilsner (2017), Jack Royal (2006) and Mark Scott (2018). Here is a synopsis of their responses. ... Read More »

Researchers evaluate improvements in Texas cotton nutrition

cotton nutrition

The last 30 years have seen tremendous technological and biological advancements in the cotton industry, resulting in growing yields each year – depending on the weather – that has helped boost the industry worldwide. The development of herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant cotton cultivars through breeding has brought about not only increased yield but better management practices by farmers that has shifted ... Read More »

2021 Cotton Variety Guide

2021 cotton variety guide

The menu of cotton varieties from which to choose in 2021 includes a host of high-yielding, good-quality selections. To help you get started, seed companies from across the Cotton Belt provided information about their headliners. Discuss priorities with your consultant and seed representatives to match your operation’s needs with these outstanding characteristics and traits. And then place your order for ... Read More »