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Editor’s Note

From Turnrows to Trade Shows

Farming can often be a solitary endeavor during the growing season — kicking up dust behind your pickup while running for much- needed parts, patiently cutting bolls prior to harvest and catching up with recordkeeping late nights on your tablet. But wintertime’s different. An impressive lineup of trade shows provides an opportunity to commiserate with fellow farmers and others in ... Read More »

A sense of Place

A sense of place is a combination of the physical and the abstract. In physical terms, it can be a country, a community or, on a smaller scale, a neighborhood, a house or even a particular room. Some “place” with which you personally identify. Your sense of that place refers to abstract characteristics, such as how it makes you feel ... Read More »

White Gold And Sterling Silver

carroll smith

When I was a toddler, I got lost in a cotton field, literally. The brilliant white cotton seemed very tall to a little black-haired girl dressed to withstand the heat of a Louisiana afternoon in a red-checked pinafore. I wasn’t frightened at all as I roamed through the field, intrigued by the soft white bolls that brushed against my face ... Read More »

Wonderful Memories Of A Dream Job

Tommy Horton

Nearly 16 years ago in the spring of 2000, I wrote my first Editor’s Note column for this magazine, and it was titled, “Making The Right Decision Is A Stress Breaker.” As I recall, I was trying to convey the thought that farmers always try to make the best possible decision when the crop season starts. They try to gather all of the facts and then trust their judgment that they are headed the right way. I was doing my best to begin this journey on a good note. And, not surprisingly, I thought I was making the right decision to join Cotton Farming, and I already knew that this industry was special. Now, here we are in the fall of 2015, and I am having to say good-bye to all of you, and it’s hard to find the words. I have officially retired from this position in order to help my mother at home. She has some health challenges, and I feel it’s the right thing to do. As with any big change in life, the transition will be a bit daunting, but I know that my mother and I will both benefit during this time together. Read More »

Cotton Still Thrives In Missouri Bootheel

Tommy Horton

When cotton producers across the Belt start harvesting this year’s crop, they’ll do so with several thoughts in mind. They will be thankful that they’ve reached the point where they can see the results of their hard work. And, given the current price environment, they continue to look ahead to better days. Here’s another way to look at the situation. ... Read More »

It Helps to Have a Positive Attitude

Tommy Horton

What’s the best way to survive the current environment for cotton? I could try and give you a lot of answers to that question. And I could even offer some technical informaton from the industry experts, but I think all of us would agree that it starts with your attitude. No matter what industry segment we’re discussing, if a person ... Read More »

Miracle In Monticello

Miracle in Monticello

• By Carroll Smith, Senior Writer • Transform My Community Contest Winners Announced Grand Prize Winner: A.J. Hood, Cotton Producer, Tillar, Ark. First Place Winner: Steve Robert, Cotton Consultant, Wynne, Ark. Second Place Winner: Frank Phelps, Cotton Consultant, Mer Rouge, La. Third Place Winner: Stephanie Miller, Cotton Producer, Boaz, Ala. Fourth Place Winner: Bob & Stoney Stonestreet, Cotton Consultants, Clarksdale, Miss. ... Read More »