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Editor’s Note

A Month to Reflect And Be Thankful

carroll smith

In the world of agriculture, a lot can happen in a year. During the early months, your equipment may be sitting idle in the shed most of the time, but your mind is already shifting gears in preparation for the upcoming season. There are many decisions to make that can influence the endgame. One of the most important ones is ... Read More »

Thankful for the little things

carroll smith

For me, Nov. 1 signals the approach of Thanksgiving and brings to mind all the ways in which we are blessed. It’s ironic to be writing this with only a scrap of filtered light coming through the window and a bare minimum of battery power on my computer following the ferocious winds that blew through, causing an electrical outage. But ... Read More »

Revisiting A Special Sense Of Place

carroll smith

Shared memories from our past are the links of an invisible chain that create a sense of place and a permanent bond among those who experienced a common geography. I belong to a Facebook group made up of folks from my hometown. In the summer of 2018, someone asked who remembered the pecan grove — a serene, magical area where ... Read More »

Give Yourself A Break

carroll smith

As members of the agricultural community, everyone works hard. You set lofty standards for yourselves because achieving goals is hardwired in your psyche. You consciously or unconsciously set the bar higher and higher and convince yourself if you try hard enough you can clear it. Easy peasy. And then, as is the nature of agriculture, you encounter things over which ... Read More »

Prepare For The Robot Invasion

dino autonomous cultivator

Within a few years, California farmers will have to pay $15 an hour minimum wage and time-and-a-half overtime for anything over eight hours under new regulations. That is, if they can even find reliable workers. A number of producers have already turned to robotics to replace hand-hoeing crews in specialty crops, which have a higher per-acre value and a lack ... Read More »

When Mother Nature Doubles Down

carroll smith

As part of their daily routine, farmers stand in the fields looking up at the sky to try to determine what cards the weather is holding. They can’t control what is going to happen, but they can make decisions to prepare for the short-term effects or adjust their practices for what might happen in future growing seasons. On this month’s ... Read More »

Technology, Know-How Change Everything

carroll smith

Technology is a tool that when paired with know-how can change our lives for the better. Over the past century, technology has revolutionized cotton farming. The list is extensive, but this issue of Cotton Farming talks about a few examples. Joe West, assistant dean, University of Georgia Tifton Campus, has been at this facility his entire career. A centennial celebration ... Read More »