Friday, December 2, 2022

Time — The Fourth Dimension Of The Universe

carroll smith
Carroll Smith,

While watching TV the other night, I wasn’t surprised that the ongoing pandemic was still at the top of the newsreel. What caught my attention was the announcer’s topic for the segment: “before time.” He, along with his virtual guests, shared memories of what life was like before COVID-19 disrupted what we perceive as the natural ebb and flow of our existence.

Although time is invisible, we all use it to measure minutes, hours, weeks and years. We make numerous references to it every day. While producing this issue of Cotton Farming, I even began to notice how often the word “time” cropped up on the pages of the magazine.

While interviewing Alan and Lisa Stasney for the cover story, he told me how he and his future wife met. It seems a Texas Extension agent was conducting studies on both his farm and Lisa’s family farm in another county. The agent decided to play matchmaker and brought the pair together. Alan says he is grateful for the man’s bold move because “I never would have taken time to venture up that far.”

As spring unfolds, farmers begin to look for signs pointing to the right time to plant. In the Specialists Speaking department, Arkansas’s Bill Robertson says, “Getting off to a good, quick start will pay dividends season long if we do it right the first time.” In reflecting on the beginning of the 2020 growing season, Mississippi cotton specialist Brian Pieralisi says, “Last year, the bulk of Mississippi cotton acres were seeded during the optimal window of May 1-10. During this time, warm soil and adequate DD60s (20-25 heat units) contributed to a healthy stand across most of the state.”

While discussing potential Department of Labor changes under the new administration in Cotton Ginners Marketplace, TCGA’s J. Kelley Green says, “While this process will take some time, you can anticipate seeing an increase in the number of inspections as OSHA brings the new inspectors onboard.”

Some scientists have dubbed “time” the fourth dimension of the universe. Perhaps it’s because we are always moving forward.

Numerous people have expressed the thought that time stood still when the pandemic began. Of course, we all know it didn’t, and agriculture is a good example. Farmers ventured out, planted their crops, made timely applications and rolled through the field at harvest.

Time stops for no one. Make the most of your days this growing season to reap the rewards of time well spent.

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