BWCC In San Antonio Offers Research, Technology Updates

The 2013 Beltwide Cotton Conferences in San Antonio will once again feature updates on research and technology at the annual Ginning Conference. Some technologies are becoming more and more economical and can easily be integrated into the gin operation.

One of the most advanced technologies is the automated bale bagging system. There are several automatic bagging systems available or soon to be available for gins. These technologies are not cheap but, coupled with automatic bale strapping systems, they can eliminate all but one or two employees at the bale press. For large gins, this will result in considerable savings throughout the season.

Round modules are an ubiquitous part of the cotton production system, and ginners have developed unique methods of handling this new technology. While most gins have some experience in handling round modules, new equipment to remove plastic wraps will be discussed along with a panel of ginners to discuss equipment operation and training programs to ensure plastic does not get into the gin and ultimately affect the bale.

John Deere will provide an overview of the wrapping technology and procedures on proper handling of the rounds from field to gin.

Proper moisture management can help to ensure smooth operation of the gin – from cleaning to pressing the bale. In each case, moisture levels are critically important. Several talks will be given on new measurement technologies and an extensive evaluation of the current moisture measurement systems. As energy costs continue to increase, gin operators have developed methods to reduce energy usage and costs.

This is a great opportunity for gin managers to learn about these technologies and to determine what place they have in the gin. The Ginning Conference also provides a forum for ginners, researchers and industry representatives to exchange ideas and renew acquaintances. We hope you make plans to attend. For registration and hotel information, go to

Thomas D. Valco, PhD, USDA Cotton Technology Transfer, Stoneville, Miss. Call (662) 686-5255 or send email to Additional information can be found at:

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