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Industry News: February 2024

W3E1, W3FE Varieties Are Here

PHY 137 W3E1 is a new early- to mid-maturing Upland variety for the southwest Cotton Belt with built-in genetic resistance to root-knot nematodes and bacterial blight.

It features the W3E1 trait package that combines the Enlist cotton trait and WideStrike 3 Insect Protection, giving cotton producers the choice to customize their weed-management program and save on input costs if they do not need a glyphosate-tolerant trait.

Growers can apply Enlist One herbicide and glufosinate herbicides over-the-top and pre- and postemergence herbicides labeled for cotton that do not contain glyphosate.

PHY 475 W3FE, a mid- to full-season Upland variety, is tailored to the unique agronomic needs of the Southeast, especially in Georgia. It’s an easy-to-manage variety with resistance to root-knot and reniform nematodes, as well as bacterial blight. The W3FE trait packages offers growers the option to control weeds with over-the-top applications of Enlist herbicides, glufosinate and glyphosate. Visit for 2023 high-yielding performance data.

Deltapine Class Of ’24

The Class of ’24 Deltapine brand contains the newest trait protection package: Bollgard 3 ThryvOn cotton with XtendFlex Technology (B3TXF).

DP 2436NR B3TXF is resistant to root-knot nematodes and bacterial blight. It demonstrated strong performance in West Texas, showing yield potential on par with DP 1820 B3XF. This product has moderate tolerance to Verticillium wilt. The best fit for its maturity will be Central to Southern Texas High Plains.

DP 2414 B3TXF showed yield potential and fiber quality on par with both DP 2115 B3XF and DP 2211 B3TXF. It fits early season regions in the Mid-South, Southeast and irrigated fields in the Northern High Plains of Texas.

New FiberMax And Stoneville

→ FM 765AX is for the High Plains region. Built with the Axant Flex trait package, it delivers resistance to bacterial blight, Verticillium tolerance and resistance to root-knot nematodes. It has high gin turnout potential and excellent storm tolerance.

→ FM 868AXTP has the Axant Flex TwinLink Plus trait package suitable for the Southwest and far West regions. Good root-knot nematode resistance and three-gene lepidopteran resistance. Excellent emergence and storm tolerance and outstanding early-season vigor.

→ FM 823AXTP has the Axant Flex TwinLink Plus trait and delivers in the far West and the High Plains and Rolling Plains of Texas and Oklahoma. It has excellent storm and Verticillium tolerance and high gin turnout potential with resistance to bacterial blight, root-knot nematodes and lepidopteran.

→ ST 6000AXTP has the Axant Flex TwinLink Plus trait package in BASF’s Stoneville cotton seed. This medium to full maturity variety is suitable across the Cotton Belt and is a strong variety with resistance to bacterial blight, good root-knot nematode resistance, three-gene lepidopteran resistance, excellent fiber quality and a high gin turnout potential.

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