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Industry News for October 2015

Valley Introduces Airless Tire For More Efficient Irrigation
Producers tired of getting flat tires on their center pivots now have a new option: The Valley Revolution airless tire. Flats usually happen at inconvenient times and places when the corn is high, the heat is intense and the tires are difficult to reach without damaging the crop. This new airless tire from Valley Irrigation is a tire that eliminates problems with f lats. It features a well-proven aperture design, similar to tires used on forklifts. The aperture design provides flexibility over ridges and other obstacles to help prevent overloading of the drive train. The compliant rubber tire won’t slip on rocks or other hard objects. For more information, go to

Monsanto Contributes Special Grant To ‘Grow Rural Education’ Fund
Twenty-three school districts in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri and Tennessee received a total of $350,000 in grants this year from America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund. The program partners with farmers to help keep rural schools growing by supporting math and science education. Winning districts have implemented many innovative programs for use of the grant funds, including upgraded technology for hands-on learning, greenhouses and outdoor classroom instruction, laboratory advancements and curriculum development. Since 2011, Grow Rural Education has awarded more than $9 million to support math and science education in rural school districts across the country. This year, school districts also received an educational starter kit from Monsanto to help establish a pollinator garden, which will give students first-hand knowledge of the critical role habitat plays in providing bees and butterflies with food, shelter and places to lay eggs. Go to for more details.

DuPont Announces Karis Gutter As New Government Affairs Manager
DuPont is adding a seasoned Washington veteran and former Deputy Undersecretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services (FFAS), Karis T. Gutter, to its team. Gutter will be a Government Affairs Manager in his new position. He will be using his experience for all the DuPont businesses with a focus on agriculture and nutrition. Gutter most recently served as Deputy Undersecretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services (FFAS), overseeing the domestic programs within the FFAS mission area. He previously served as a senior advisor to the Secretary of Agriculture and also served as Deputy Administrator for Field Operations of USDA’s Farm Service Agency.

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