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World Ag Expo names ‘Top 10 New Products’

Results are in for World Ag Expo’s Top-10 New Products Competition, with the winners being showcased Feb. 11-13, 2020, during the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.

Exhibitors submitted new products for judging by a panel comprising farmers, ranchers and industry professionals. The Top-10 New Products competition is once again sponsored by Bank of America, according to a news release.

Winners will be noted on show maps, marked with “Top-10 Winner” flags at the show and recognized at an awards session at shows opening ceremonies, Feb. 11.

Among the winners were these cotton-related products.

cotton folding attachment
Cotton Folding Attachment by Berbereia Engineering & Manufacturing

Cotton Folding Attachment by Berbereia Engineering & Manufacturing
Tulare, California
Using the versatility of the Row Digger, the cotton folding attachment will pick up the cotton laying in the ditch next to the irrigation border, push it up and away from the border and lay it back toward the field as you drive perpendicular to the furrows. http://www.berbereia.com

Jaltest AGV by Cojali USA Inc

Jaltest AGV by Cojali USA Inc.
Doral, Florida
Jaltest AGV is an all-makes, all-systems diagnostics tool for ag machinery (tractors, telehandlers, etc.) to get them back in the field in the shortest period of time. It allows users to connect, read and clear fault codes of different electronic control modules in vehicles but also perform advanced bi-directional controls such as regens or parts calibrations. http://www.cojaliusa.com

CPH Silt & Sand Separators by Epiphene Inc.
CPH Silt & Sand Separators by Epiphene Inc.

CPH Silt & Sand Separators by Epiphene Inc.
Clovis, California
The CPH Separator offers unparalleled removal of clay, silt and sand from irrigation water down to 1/2 micron It requires minimal pressure loss as low as 1 psi and protects primary filters by lightening the load and reducing frequency of flushing. It also offers primary filtration for pivots and low-pressure drip where only sand and silt are present, saving energy and water. http://www.epiphene.com

MY20 8RX by John Deere
MY20 8RX by John Deere

MY20 8RX by John Deere
Olathe, Kansas
The 8RX represents the next leap forward in tractor innovation with the all-new four-track machine form that delivers unmatched flotation, traction and ride quality. It is the only fixed frame four-track configuration tractor on the market. http://www.deere.com

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