“Our family farm operation grows cotton, yellow and white food corn and alfalfa in the Texas Panhandle. We’ve worked with Precision Planting technology for a while. Every year, we look at the new technology they come out with to see if it will improve the job of planting on our operation to get off to a good start, which is so important.

“The electric drive on each row unit does away with the chains and shafts so we get more consistent seed placement. This technology does a good job of getting the spacing right so the plants are all a similar size. It really sets the planter up for success.

“The 20|20 monitor lets us look at a lot of information on a row-by-row basis to fine-tune the planter. One feature is the Good Ride reading for each row that shows how smooth it is on the row unit, which helps determine optimum speed. One goal in planting is to get as uniform emergence as possible, which increases yield potential.

“Using the SpeedTube, we are able to plant up to 7.5 mph at 99.9% singulation to cover as many acres as possible, especially with cotton. Our best cotton yields are normally the first-planted fields. WaveVision allows us to accurately keep up with our seed population even in dusty conditions.

“DeltaForce does a marvelous job of keeping the right ground contact to help with placing seed at the right depth. The 20|20 monitor allows us to see that we have 100% ground contact and are running with the right down pressure setting to limit compaction. If the planter hits a soft spot, DeltaForce adjusts for that and doesn’t allow the seed to be planted too deep. You don’t want the seed to run out of vigor before it gets out of the ground, and you don’t want it planted too shallow and dry out in windy conditions. We also have CleanSweep cylinders that move the corn residue to the side so the wheels on the individual row units ride on smooth, flat ground to keep seed depth consistent.

“Precision Planting technology helps us be more consistent from one side of the farm to the other. It’s a plus.”

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