PhytoGen announces 3 new Upland varieties for 2021

PhytoGen CottonseedPhytoGen cottonseed — Corteva Agriscience’s U.S. cottonseed brand — announced three new high-performing, high-yielding Upland varieties for 2021 during the recent Yielding Innovation virtual grower forum.

Two of the three varieties feature the cottonseed industry’s first trait for reniform nematode resistance. Stacked with the PhytoGen Breeding Trait for root-knot nematode resistance, the two varieties are set to deliver the best in-plant nematode protection package in the market.

“The introduction of reniform nematode resistance marks another significant milestone towards protecting the exceptional yield potential of PhytoGen varieties,” said Joel Faircloth, U.S. cotton portfolio manager for PhytoGen cottonseed.

All three new W3FE varieties contain PhytoGen Breeding Traits for bacterial blight and RKN resistance, in addition to a strong fiber quality and yield package. PhytoGen W3FE varieties also provide growers with flexible and effective weed control options with tolerances to Enlist herbicides, glufosinate and glyphosate.

“We are committed to offering broadly adapted products to the farmer that maximize their opportunity for success,” Faircloth said. “While our varieties are advanced primarily on yield potential, our breeding team continually incorporates yield-stabilizing traits into those elite genetics.”

New for 2021

The PhytoGen Horizon Network of cotton producers has been evaluating the new products for two years. Based on their feedback and the performance in PhytoGen cotton development specialists’ on-farm trials across the Cotton Belt, the team advanced the following varieties:

• PhytoGen brand PHY 332 W3FE is an early mid-maturing variety that has exceptional yield potential with excellent fiber quality. It has a very broad area of adaptation and is a medium-to-tall plant. The variety is resistant to bacterial blight, RKN and reniform nematodes.

• PhytoGen brand PHY 443 W3FE is a mid-maturing, very broadly adapted taller plant with great fiber quality. This variety is resistant to bacterial blight, RKN and reniform nematodes.

• PhytoGen brand PHY 545 W3FE is a mid- to full-maturing variety that has been tested on farms since 2019. It was advanced due to its exceptional performance in lower Southeast trials. The maturity falls between PHY 500 W3FE and PHY 580 W3FE varieties. This variety is resistant to bacterial blight and RKN.

PhytoGen contributed this article.

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