Thursday, May 30, 2024

Soil Health Institute launches ‘Cotton & Covers’ video training series

soil health institute logoThe Soil Health Institute has launched “Cotton & Covers,” a Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton video series. It follows three Southeastern cotton producers as they discuss their individual journeys to build profitable soil health management systems on their farms.

Each producer is a mentor to other farmers in the soil health training program, working with neighbors to expand the knowledge of soil health systems and to overcome barriers to adoption.

The series features Sonny Price from Dillon, South Carolina; Zeb Winslow from Scotland Neck, North Carolina; and Burton Heatwole from Millen, Georgia. The producers discuss why they decided to explore soil health practices and the benefits they’ve discovered as they experimented with reduced tillage, increased cover crop species diversity and livestock grazing.

The video series is part of the Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton project, which provides farmer-focused education and training events delivered by Soil Health Institute scientists, partnering with local soil health technical specialists and farmer mentors. The project aims to increase the adoption of soil health management systems among cotton producers while documenting environmental and economic benefits.

Healthy Soils for Sustainable Cotton is supported by the Wrangler brand, the VF Corporation Foundation and the Walmart Foundation. For more information about the project and access to the webinar series, visit

New videos will be made available weekly through September on the Soil Health Training webpage. Here is the first episode:

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