‘Life Is Uncomfortable’

Cotton Incorporated Launches New Consumer Advertising Campaign.

• By Stacey Gorman, 
Cotton Board 
Director of Communications •

uncomfortable situations advertisement
The latest campaign touts the ease of care, naturalness and durability of cotton to a younger consumer audience.

Part of Cotton Incorporated’s mission is to promote all things cotton. It is the organization’s desire to get consumers, everyday people, to care about what’s in the clothes, sheets and towels they buy. Because of years of research, Cotton Incorporated knows the benefits of cotton and is working hard to educate consumers about why cotton is “The Fabric of Our Lives.” One of the most effective ways is through consumer advertising campaigns.

The original “Fabric of Our Lives” advertising campaign was launched in 1989 with a sentimental appeal reflecting cotton’s subtle and emotional impact on our lives. With rich vocals by singer Richie Havens and graphic images of special events and heartwarming personal interactions, the ads built strong fiber awareness in the target audience that was making and developing lifelong buying trends.

Cotton Message Evolution

Just as advertising has continued to evolve over the years, so have Cotton Incorporated’s consumer messaging and advertising tactics. Today, companies must be able to find cost-effective programming (TV, digital, etc.) that can reach a large percentage of the target audience at a time when consumer viewing habits are changing rapidly. They also must develop a message that can be impactful over a wide array of media platforms.

In April, Cotton Incorporated’s Consumer Marketing Division launched a new advertising campaign, “Life is Uncomfortable,” which drives consumer awareness for cotton on television and online.

The new campaign uses awkward humor combined with uncomfortable situations to contemporize cotton, create relevancy and drive engagement with a younger consumer audience.

“This advertising campaign was developed based on the results of consumer research, focus group insights and reviews of our previous campaign’s successes,” says Jill Orsini, Cotton Incorporated’s director of advertising. “In the Life is Uncomfortable series we continue to promote cotton’s emotional and physical role in an increasingly uncomfortable world.

We are, in essence, telling consumers: Cotton has your back. No matter what life throws your way, you’ll always be comfortable in cotton.”

The first commercial, “Dating Can Feel Uncomfortable,” launched on television and online April 23, and aired on ABC during “American Idol.” The other three commercials launched digitally on May 7.

Three of the videos specifically target women and one speaks directly to men. Beyond television, the videos are running on websites, such as Refinery29, PopSugar, Men’s Health and Women’s Health. The videos are clickable and drive consumers to shop for cotton apparel on www.TheFabricOfOurLives.com.

Cotton Board Chairman and Louisiana cotton producer George LaCour Jr. is pleased with the new consumer campaign.

“I’m thrilled that Cotton Incorporated continues to push the envelope and develop refreshed, relevant content for today’s consumers. We rely on their expertise to keep cotton top of mind for consumers, and I believe these new commercials will help accomplish that goal,” he says.

Multiple Media Platforms

All four new videos leverage cotton’s comfort as a key benefit and reinforce the message that cotton is the fabric of our lives. Other cotton benefits like ease of care, naturalness and durability will be communicated through other advertising tactics, including web banner ads, social media, blog posts and custom content through media partnerships.

“All components of the campaign communicate a clear message to consumers: no matter what uncomfortable situation life throws your way, cotton can bring you comfort,” Orsini says.

To view the commercials, please visit: www.youtube.com/CottonFabricOfMyLife.

To learn more, please email Gorman at sgorman@cottonboard.org.

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