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Crop market looks strong, producers book fall loads

alabama cotton

Alabama’s row crop producers are seeing rising prices and a positive crop market outlook, alongside producers throughout the United States. Alabama Cooperative Extension System Economist Wendiam Sawadgo said prices are definitely higher than the ones producers have seen in the past few years. Factors influencing crop markets “There have been a few factors at play,” Sawadgo said. “Trade with China—especially ... Read More »

Commodity prices favorable for Texas row-crop producers

texas cotton bolls

Texas row crop producers might have the luxury of choosing between sorghum, corn and cotton as all three commodities are seeing high prices with the 2021 planting season underway, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert. Dr. Mark Welch, AgriLife Extension grain economist, Bryan-College Station, said farmers will have options in 2021 based on market prices but may ... Read More »

Cautious Confidence

NCC outlook

National Cotton Council economists see restrained optimism for the U.S. cotton industry’s 2021 outlook. ■ What general business climate is foreseen? The COVID-19 pandemic still is creating disruptions in the supply chains and markets for the U.S. and world cotton and textile industries, but the overall global economy is recovering at a faster pace than originally expected. The distribution of ... Read More »

Reflect & Project

March CF cover

The 2021 Economic Outlook For U.S. Cotton • By Jody Campiche, Shawn Boyd and Michelle Huffman • Editor’s Note: During the 2021 National Cotton Council Annual Meeting, NCC Economic Services presented the economic outlook for the U.S. and world cotton market. Here are excerpts from their report. This past year was characterized by significant uncertainty and volatility in both the ... Read More »

U.S. and world economies rebound, spurring cotton demand recovery

export bales warehouse

National Cotton Council economists point to a few key factors that will shape the U.S. cotton industry’s 2021 economic outlook. This past year was characterized by significant uncertainty and volatility in both the global economy and the world cotton market. The most challenging issue facing the global cotton market in 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic caused unprecedented disruptions ... Read More »

Take Proactive Stance In Challenging Environment

cotton producer

2020 Is ‘One For The Books’ As I sit down to write this article and reflect on the year, I struggle to come up with the words to summarize 2020. The phrases I typically use to describe it may not be appropriate here. But I think it should suffice to say 2020 has been tough. Between a trade war and ... Read More »

LDAF offers update on mystery seed shipments

fresno seeds

Nearly two months after the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry first reported that Louisiana residents received unsolicited packages of seeds originating from China, there is an update from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “According to our contacts at the USDA, so far, there have been very few weeds or species containing diseases which is good news. Anytime a foreign ... Read More »