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editor’s note

Steady Resilience Helps Harvest

We’re almost to the end of this long 2013 season, and by the time many of you read this issue of Cotton Farming, we’re hopeful that the cotton crop will have been harvested in a timely fashion – even if it was a couple of weeks late. You might say this was another wild roller coaster ride of a season with unpredictable weather in nearly every region except the West. Read More »

Small Gins Know How To Compete

By Tommy Horton Editor Sometimes we can learn more about farmers and ginners by spending an entire day with these folks and tracing their steps during a typical work day. In other words, unless we can understand the numerous decisions made by men and women of agriculture, we can never appreciate what they deal with on a daily basis. Such ... Read More »

Loyalty To Cotton – An Encouraging Sign

By Tommy Horton Editor Every now and then, we meet producers who remain steadfastly committed to growing cotton – regardless of how enticing market conditions might seem for another commodity. Make no mistake about it. These farmers aren’t being ruled by sentimentality. They are making sound agronomic and business decisions because they understand the value of crop rotation programs with ... Read More »

Arizona Farmers – True Water Stewards

By Tommy Horton Editor Once a year Cotton Farming devotes an entire issue to water topics that have implications for cotton production across the Belt. And July is certainly an appropriate time for discussion – regardless of where the crop is being produced. This is the time of year when the need for water seems to be at its highest ... Read More »

It’s A Season For Giving Thanks

By Tommy Horton Editor And so we come to the end of 2012, reflecting on what actually happened during these previous 12 months, while looking ahead to what might await us in 2013. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are a good time to pause and do this kind of reminiscing. We should be thankful for what we have, but, more ... Read More »