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Study: Much of Mississippi Delta lacks broadband internet

tractor plowing

From computer programs that regulate moisture sensors to smartphone apps that allow growers to monitor market data, most facets of agriculture continue their shift to digital platforms. This transition makes reliable internet access no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Despite Mississippi agriculture’s annual economic impact of around $7 billion, broadband infrastructure is in short supply in the state’s densest ... Read More »

My Cotton Journey Began In Ag Econ

karen geldmacher

It wasn’t like I hadn’t seen cotton all my life growing up in the Desert Southwest. I just didn’t expect it to become my life. I signed up for Ag Econ 313, Economics of Futures Markets, while planning my senior year with my college adviser. It turned out to be my favorite class. And, as an aside, all the popular ... Read More »

Research Sheds Light On Best Times To Hunt Bucks

gps tracker on buck

• By Dr. Bronson Strickland, Mississippi State University • “Where are all the bucks?” Several years ago, Larry Castle, formerly of Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, and Steve Demarais of the Mississippi State University Deer Lab met to discuss what could be done to address deer hunter questions and concerns regarding where bucks were going during hunting season. ... Read More »

Adoption of precision ag varies across generations


Farmers who fear they are falling behind in farm technology might not be as behind as they think. Kansas State University cropping system economist Terry Griffin explains that a recent Kansas Farm Management Association study on farm technologies dispels the myth that all farmers use all of the latest technology. Griffin was one of the speakers at the December 2020 ... Read More »