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Insect Control

Get On Top Of Early Season Pests

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San Joaquin Valley growers are again in the unfortunate position of having to deal with the after-effects of below-normal rainfall and a reduced snowpack. We already know of many planned reductions in irrigation district water allocations that may impact cotton management choices for this year. Many if not most SJV cotton fields have been planted during a warm weather window ... Read More »

Industry News For May 2021

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FMC’s Vantacor Formulation Replaces Prevathon For Residual Worm Control In 2021, FMC launched Vantacor Insect Control powered by Rynaxypyr active for long-lasting residual control of lepidopteran pests. This is the same active found in Prevathon insecticide. Vantacor contains a high concentration of Rynaxypyr, so 20 ounces of Prevathon is equivalent to 1.7 ounces of Vantacor. FMC says the new brand ... Read More »

Develop a plan for early season pests


There are many risk factors associated with production agriculture — many of them including aspects that producers cannot control. Weather, rainfall and pressures from cotton pests are all factors with a large impact on plant growth and maturity. Scott Graham, an Alabama Extension entomologist with a focus on cotton, soybeans and peanuts, said it is important to develop a plan ... Read More »

Control Insects, Manage For Earliness

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• SPONSORED CONTENT • Ashley Peters Peters Crop Consulting Crowville, Louisiana I grew up in Franklin Parish where my father farmed for about 40 years. Cotton was our predominant crop, so I had a lot of experience plowing, planting, spraying, hoeing and harvesting. In 1996, there were more cotton acres in Franklin Parish than there were in the entire state ... Read More »

Corteva rebrands spinosyn insecticide active ingredients

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Corteva Inc. plans to rebrand the active ingredients in its spinosyn insecticides, which include spinosad and spinetoram. The new global brand name for spinosad will be Qalcova active (pronounced “kal-KO-vuh”) and for spinetoram, Jemvelva active (pronounced “jem-VEL-vuh”). Together, these two naturally derived active ingredients provide farmers worldwide with effective insect control options for more than 250 crops, including fruits, vegetables, ... Read More »

UArk releases updated 2021 weed, insect & disease management guides

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New editions of the most widely used publications from the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture are now available and offer the latest research-based recommendations for managing insects, weeds and diseases in row crop agriculture, as well as in fruit, vegetable and garden production. The 2021 publications include: • MP44 — Recommended Chemicals for Weed and Brush Control. • ... Read More »

Alabama Extension recaps 2020 insect season

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Life in 2020 was dominated by COVID-19, however, the work continued for cotton producers. While the Alabama cotton industry had an unusual weather season, no one cotton pest dominated the growing season. Alabama Cooperative Extension System entomologists Scott Graham and Ron Smith said while there were notable pests, no single species required extra effort to control. “The beginning of a ... Read More »