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Keeping Cotton In The Mix

By John Lindamood Tiptonville, Tenn. We have all heard it and probably said it ourselves. “In all my years of farming, I have never seen such strange weather!” And though it will be said again in the future, it certainly describes this year to a tee. A similar comment could be made for commodity prices. We have seen wide ranges ... Read More »

Encouraging Signs For 2013 Crop

MISSOURI Mike Milam milammr@missouri.edu HOPE FOR MISSOURI’S COTTON CROP Missouri’s cotton harvest finally began in early October. We are still two to three weeks later than normal. Harvest got off to a good start before showers shut us down. One observation is that we had an excellent fall for the cotton to mature out more of the top bolls. Many ... Read More »

Praying For Rain

By Jeff Nunley Victoria, Texas You’re in the middle of a 20-year drought, deal with it! Those were the first words of the keynote speaker at our Victoria Farm & Ranch Show a few years ago. It was my good fortune to be the master of ceremonies responsible for providing a wrapup that put a positive spin on a presentation ... Read More »

Steady Resilience Helps Harvest

We’re almost to the end of this long 2013 season, and by the time many of you read this issue of Cotton Farming, we’re hopeful that the cotton crop will have been harvested in a timely fashion – even if it was a couple of weeks late. You might say this was another wild roller coaster ride of a season with unpredictable weather in nearly every region except the West. Read More »

It’s Time To Prepare For Defoliation

At this time, our cotton is about two weeks behind our normal development. Much of the cotton growing area has had about six inches of rain or more within the last month, with most of it coming in two weeks. We normally refer to the July and August rains as “million dollar” rains because it helps revive the non-irrigated cotton, and it lowers irrigation costs. Read More »

Managing A Late Crop

In many areas of the Belt, the cotton crop is somewhat behind schedule this year, requiring producers to make adjustments to their “normal” production practices. Thirty percent of the Web Poll respondents say they have had to deal with adjusting PGR rates, spraying more for insect pests, adjusting herbicide programs and keeping an eye on their irrigation scheduling. Following is ... Read More »

2013 Cotton Crop – A Mixed Bag

In following the old adage, “The glass is half full,” 50 percent of the Web Poll respondents rated their 2013 cotton crop in the excellent-to-good range. However, most of the comments that were entered touch on the challenges that U.S. cotton farmers are facing this year. Following is a sampling of how the Web Poll respondents described their 2013 crop ... Read More »