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PhytoGen’s Performance ‘Is Real’


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Lance Williams grows PhytoGen® brand varieties in Carson and Armstrong counties in the Texas Panhandle. He recounts his experience with the vigor, yield, quality and storm tolerance of PHY 300 W3FE, PHY 350 W3FE and PHY 250 W3FE. The Enlistweed control system also helps Williams control glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth and glyphosate-resistant kochia.

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Lance Williams
Lance Williams
Cotton farmer
Panhandle, Texas

am a fourth-generation farmer, but I am the first one in my family to grow cotton. It typically was not grown in this area until shorter-season varieties became available, which allow us to grow cotton profitably.

“I started growing PhytoGen in 2015. That year was wet and cool, but the PhytoGen cotton came right up, and we got a good stand. PhytoGen’s early season vigor is not just an advertising slogan, it’s real. In 2018, I planted PHY 300 W3FE, PHY 350 W3FE and PHY 250 W3FE.

“The average yield on my pivot-irrigated ground was 3½ bales per acre, and in 2017 the dryland averaged about 1½ bales per acre. A lot of our irrigated cotton made more than 4 bales per acre last year, and a field of PHY 300 W3FE yielded almost 5 bales per acre. The quality was good, too.

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“PhytoGen varieties are definitely tough. They come up quickly, yield better than other varieties, and the storm tolerance is good. We get a lot of high wind and hail during the growing season. Some varieties can’t take it and will dump cotton on the ground. At harvest, if we have snow or rain, it takes a while to get in the field.

“The cotton has to stay on the plant and wait for us to get there. In addition, Verticillium wilt is becoming more prevalent in our area. We plant PhytoGen varieties because they have good tolerance to this disease.

“We use Enlist One to control glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth and glyphosate-resistant kochia. We also can tankmix it with other inputs, such as a foliar feed or another herbicide for grasses. We typically make two applications during the season.

“Each year of growing cotton is a new adventure. I thrive with PhytoGen because its high yields and quality make us a profitable operation.”

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