Cotton Fashion Show – A 24-Hour Marathon

Everyone knows the basic economic principle of supply and demand. Well, Cotton Incorporated’s Consumer Marketing team has come up with a truly unique way to increase demand for cotton – a 24-hour fashion show featuring nothing but the fabric of our lives.

Cotton has always been a part of America’s dress code, from casual day wear to evening elegant. Now, Cotton Incorporated is showcasing its Second Annual “Cotton’s 24-Hour Runway Show,” in South Beach, Miami from 8 p.m. (EST) on March 1, until 8 p.m. (EST) on March 2.

This follows last year’s groundbreaking debut event. The 24-hour show, the first of its kind, featured a different cotton look every minute for 24 hours. That’s 1,440 total cotton outfits. This year, the show will focus on how cotton is worn and styled across America. The overriding goal is to illustrate cotton as a common thread among consumers whose fabric can be made to fit every lifestyle and every budget – at any time of the day.

Road To The Runway

Leading up to the event, Cotton Incorporated will kick off the Road to the Runway, a program that showcases America’s diverse regional cotton street style. Cotton Incorporated Style Search Squads are travelling across America to find the most diverse cotton looks that reflect local style. These squads are hitting major cities and neighborhoods in each region of the country to capture photos of people who express their individuality in the coolest cotton looks.

If a Style Search Squad doesn’t come to your area, don’t worry. You can still participate. Cotton Incorporated is calling on all people from around the country to participate in defining regional cotton fashions by uploading an image of them wearing their favorite cotton styles via Submissions will be accepted through Jan. 7. Starting on Jan. 8 and continuing to Feb. 12, Cotton Incorporated is asking America to decide which contestant best represents the cotton style for his or her region.

All voters will be entered for a chance to win $1,440 each week. Beginning Feb. 13 until Feb. 27, consumers can “like” their favorite region’s cotton style on Facebook at for a chance to win a trip to South Beach for a fun shopping spree accompanied by a cotton stylist.

The Show

The nationwide snapshot of America’s best cotton styles will culminate at the show in South Beach, which will again feature 1,440 cotton looks – one per minute.

“Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show proves that cotton, more than any other fiber, can offer the versatility to suit every lifestyle, at any budget at any time of day,” says Ric Hendee, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Cotton Incorporated.

“We’re excited to prove this yet again with a whole new selection of fashion styles that represent every corner of America.”

The Cotton Board, which administers Cotton Incorporated’s Research and Promotion Program, contributed information for this article. For more details, go to

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