defoliating cotton Defoliation trials, thoughts and concoctions for the next few days - • By Tyson Raper • I dug through my closet to get a jacket this morning. With cooler temps creeping into the forecast, calls on defoliation timing, products and rates have really picked up. In this blog, I highlight results from the earliest defoliation strip trial we’ve applied in 2021, share a few concoctions that […]
cotton bloom 2021 Cotton Crop Update - August is a key month to finish off the cotton crop. Most of the crop management (fertilization, herbicides) is through, and it is important to protect the fruit from stinkbugs and plant bugs. We had a wet July, which allowed the crop to make excellent growth. In some places, the plants were too tall as […]
texas planting 2021 Planting Progress - We are having a normal planting season as many areas are too dry and others have wet places in the fields that farmers have to plant around. Non-irrigated growers often plant cotton before peanuts until it gets too dry in the top couple of inches. Then they switch to peanut planting until rain allows for […]
checking seeding rate Tips for a healthy cotton stand - • By Matt Foster • With cotton planting just around the corner, a couple key factors should be taken into consideration. Early planting is a key component of successful cotton production; however, if planted too early, yield potential can be reduced. Growing up, I often heard farmers say, “The day you plant cotton is the […]
beltwide conference A Virtual Reality - The National Cotton Council-coordinated 2021 Beltwide Cotton Conferences will employ a virtual platform to share cutting-edge research results and other timely information for making key production/marketing-related decisions. ■ Why the online format? The BWCC annually brings together university/U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers, regulatory agency and Extension personnel/agents, consultants and industry sales/support staff to exchange information […]
irrigation Clemson irrigation expert says crops face critical water needs - Growing season is in full swing and farmers must pay close attention to the water needs of several crops at this stage, says a Clemson University specialist. Michael Plumblee, Clemson Extension precision agriculture specialist who also is an Agronomic Crops Team and Water Resources Team member housed at the Edisto Research and Education Center, said […]
cotton irrigation New app development could aid crop irrigation management - • By Kay Ledbetter • Texas A&M AgriLife is developing an inexpensive and easy-to-use mobile app and irrigation management system to help agricultural producers increase water-use efficiency and continue producing cotton. The new project is funded by the Texas A&M Water Seed Grant Initiative and is titled “A Novel Sensor- and Crop-Model-Based Decision Support Tool […]
jared whitaker UGA cotton agronomist wants to reduce weather risk through research - • By Clint Thompson • Georgia’s cotton crop was decimated by Hurricane Michael in 2018. Now, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension cotton agronomist Jared Whitaker is hoping his research will help alleviate some of the risks associated with harvesting cotton when tropical systems arrive in the fall. “With cotton production, we can’t do anything to […]
rain gauge Dry Texas winter weather could extend into spring, summer - Drier than normal conditions this winter could be a harbinger for a hotter-than-normal summer if future weather patterns fail to deliver moisture. As Texas A&M AgriLife Extension district reporters compiled district summaries, many showed dry winter conditions. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension isn’t the only one who’s taken notice. Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas state climatologist, said […]
wet ground mississippi Ideal Weather Needed For Mississippi Cotton Crop To Rebound - All of Mississippi’s 2019 cotton crop has emerged, but it’s off to a slow start. Of approximately 700,000 acres of cotton planted statewide this year, 57% is rated fair or worse by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as of July 8. The crop’s delayed progress is a familiar refrain among Mississippi farmers this year: Wet […]
nick serafin, california Weather, Prices, Other Factors Cloud California Cotton Outlook - • By Cecilia Parsons • California’s 2019 cotton crop will struggle this year as a result of late spring rains, shaky pricing and the loss of a key crop-protection material, according to farmers and marketers. Roger Isom, president of the California Cotton Growers and Ginners Association, said a farmer survey in mid-May indicated cotton was […]
carroll smith When Mother Nature Doubles Down - s part of their daily routine, farmers stand in the fields looking up at the sky to try to determine what cards the weather is holding. They can’t control what is going to happen, but they can make decisions to prepare for the short-term effects or adjust their practices for what might happen in future […]